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12 Ways to Cook with Beef

June 12, 2023
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The Protein Series: Part 2

In case you missed it…We have a new quarterly blog series this year that is all about protein and the role it plays in a balanced diet. In March, we kicked off the series with Part 1—all about fish—where we discussed the nutritional benefits of different types of fish and shared with you 10 delicious dinner recipes. (Check it out here!)

This month, we’re highlighting a widely popular and highly versatile protein that is enjoyed throughout the US as well as many other countries. As a quality source of protein, it can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet and used in countless easy-to-make recipes. For an added bonus, it pairs great with Martin’s Potato Rolls!

The featured protein for the month of June is: Beef!

All About Beef

We chose this particular season to highlight beef for a few noteworthy reasons. For one, June is often associated with the start of the summer grilling season—a time when food such as burgers, hot dogs, sausage, and steak are brought back into the weekly menu rotation. In fact, beef is usually the star of the show at many backyard barbecues! Another reason is that we’re about to celebrate Father’s Day, and how many people can honestly say their dad wouldn’t choose a classic cheeseburger or grilled steak over just about anything?

Keep reading to learn some fun facts about this featured protein, along with tips, tricks, and recipes for how to cook it!

Facts About Beef:

  • Excellent source of high-quality protein1
  • 3 oz. grilled beef tenderloin contains 179 calories, 26g protein, and 7.6g fat
  • Complete protein offering all nine essential amino acids
  • Good source of vitamin B12, niacin, selenium, iron, and zinc
  • Helps to maintain and build muscle mass2
  • Versatile – can be ground or sliced; grilled, broiled, braised, roasted, pan-fried, or seared

If any of these facts resonate with you, we know you’ll find the below recipes useful!

Featured Recipe: Mega Beef Burger

Before we get into our list of different ways to cook with beef, check out this mega-combo recipe that uses not one, but four, different types of beef!

Each super-stacked sandwich includes two ¼-lb. cheeseburger patties, 1/8-lb. seared steak strips, 1/8-lb. beef brisket, a scoop of beef chili, two onion rings, crunchy tortilla strips, and a homemade mayo-ketchup burger sauce! Good thing it uses our 4-Inch Potato Rolls (available for food service use only), which are able to stand up to the near one-pound of beef!

If you have a beef-loving dad in the family, consider preparing this recipe as a special treat for your upcoming Father’s Day celebration!

Watch a quick video snapshot below to see how to make this masterpiece!



12 Types of Meals Using Beef {60+ Recipes}

If you’re looking for some menu inspiration for your next weeknight meal, consider some of the below recipe categories that use beef as a primary ingredient!

1.      Barbecue

Ultimate BBQ Brisket Sandwich

Beef, in all its many forms, is a well-loved ingredient to prepare low-and-slow at a classic barbecue. With everything from barbecued brisket and beef ribs to smoked sausages and steak, there are plenty of options to choose from.

BBQ Beef Recipes:


2.      Burgers

Southern Stacked Burger

Naturally, we had to include a section on burgers! This beloved food group is not only a favorite of both kids and adults alike, but it makes for a quick and simple meal and is easy to customize to your liking. A basic beef burger blend uses ground chuck with an 80/20 lean-to-fat ratio, but you can build you own custom blend by incorporating other cuts of beef such as brisket and short rib (like the featured recipe below), adjust the fat ratio as desired, or blend with other types of meat like ground turkey or even mushrooms or veggies!

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Beef to learn all about creating your own custom burger blend.

Burger Recipes:

­Burger Recipes Archive:


3.      Corned Beef/Pastrami

Classic Reuben

Corned beef and pastrami are both typically made from beef brisket that has been brined and boiled; the main difference is that pastrami is then rubbed with a seasoning blend and smoked. Both preparations make for excellent sliced deli meat that are perfect for classics such as the iconic Reuben—a corned beef or pastrami and Swiss cheese sandwich paired with sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing.

Corned Beef & Pastrami Recipes:


4.      Chili

Chili Pulled Beef Sandwich

Not only is chili a delicious comfort food during the cold winter months, but it also serves as a fun game day and tailgating option or as a next-level topping for burgers and hot dogs. Using seasoned ground or shredded beef and mix-ins such as broth, tomatoes, peppers, onions, or beans, simmer the ingredients over low heat in a large pot, dutch oven, or slow cooker until thickened and well-integrated. Serve using your favorite method such as the recipes below!

Chili Recipes:


5.      Ground Beef

Cheeseburger Casserole

Ground beef is an affordable and easy way to incorporate this protein into your weekly meal plan. Apart from burgers, you can incorporate pan-cooked ground beef into everyday favorites like casseroles, tacos, pasta, pizza, and more! Explore our list of recipe ideas below.

Ground Beef Recipes:


6.      Hot Dogs

Cheeseburger Hot Dogs

All-beef hot dogs tend to have a rich flavor and firm texture that produces a nice “snap” when enjoyed. Whether you prefer to grill, pan-fry, or boil them, they make an easy and convenient summer meal for a small family or a large crowd. The best part is getting creative with the toppings (check out the below ideas)!

Hot Dog Recipes:

Hot Dog Recipes Archive:


7.      Meatballs/Meatloaf

Southern Style Meatball Sandwich

With some easy binders such as a beaten egg and breadcrumbs, it is easy to transform ground beef into versatile favorites like meatballs and meatloaf. By switching up the spices and supporting ingredients, you can get really creative with these types of dishes!

Meatball & Meatloaf Recipes:


8.      Roast Beef

Classic Beef ‘N Cheddar Sandwich

From a classic oven roast to thinly sliced deli meat, roast beef in all its forms packs a punch of umami flavor that turns any dish into a savory masterpiece. Two of our favorites include the Roast Beef and Cheddar Sandwich (à la a popular fast food chain) and a traditional French Dip with its flavorful au jus.

Roast Beef Recipes:


9.      Sandwiches & Subs

Smash Burger Grilled Cheese

Ground beef, burger patties, and shredded roast beef are also convenient preparations for hot sandwiches like patty melts, breakfast sandwiches, hoagies, and the famous Italian pulled beef sandwiches. Find these and other great recipes below!

Sandwich & Sub Recipes:


10.  Sliders

America Slider Trio

Sliders are a fun way to switch up your weekly burger night—plus they allow you to try two or three mini burgers, each with different toppings. Experiment with unique combinations like our Cowboy Mini Burger, Diner-Style Mini Burger, or fancy Wagyu Sliders! Or, you can make “sheet pan” sliders to prepare up to 12 sliders in bulk.

Slider Recipes:


11.  Sloppy Joes

Iowa Loosemeat Sandwich - Courtesy of George Motz/Hamburger America
Recipe and Image Courtesy of George Motz

This old-school favorite is still a great go-to recipe for lunch, dinner, or anytime! The simple-yet-delicious combination of ground beef in a sweet and tangy sauce, slathered onto squishy potato buns just can’t be beat. Check out some flavor variations below—plus a sauce-less variety that is famous in Iowa!

Sloppy Joe Recipes:


12.  Steak

Philly Cheesesteak

Last but certainly not least (in fact, it’s many people’s top choice)…steak! From ribeye, to flank steak, skirt steak, and everything in between, there are almost as many kinds of steak as there are ways of preparing it. Serve up this fan-favorite food in classic dishes like the Philly Cheesesteak or build a custom sandwich with elevated ingredients like caramelized onions, Dijonnaise, or balsamic-marinated mushrooms.

Steak Recipes:



 Check out these resources for more cooking preparation tips:



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