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5 Locations with Martin's Products - (1.9 Miles)
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Big Marty Burger

A classic recipe from Martin’s Family Restaurant, developed by Lloyd Martin (aka “Big Marty”) and his daughter Anita, which mimics a popular fast food burger.
Serves 1
Martin’s Big Marty’s Roll
Tablespoons Thousand Island Dressing
Tablespoon Mayonnaise
Pound Ground Beef, divided
Slices Yellow American Cheese
Cup Shredded Iceberg Lettuce
Slices Tomato
Tablespoons Diced Raw Onion
Sliced Dill Pickles
  1. Preheat skillet over medium-high heat.

  2. Form ground beef into two thin patties.

  3. Grill until cooked through. When patties are almost finished cooking, add 1 slice of cheese to each and allow to melt. Remove from heat.

  4. Split apart the top and bottom bun of the Big Marty’s. Carefully slice the top bun in half (so that you now have three layers).

  5. In a small bowl, stir together the Thousand Island dressing and mayonnaise until combined. Spread the mixture onto the bottom bun and the top of the middle bun.

  6. Stack the remaining ingredients in the following manner: bottom bun with dressing spread, 2 dill pickle slices, 1 tbsp. diced raw onions, 1 tomato slice, half of the shredded iceberg lettuce, 1 thin cheeseburger, middle bun with dressing spread, and remaining ingredients in same order. Top off with top bun.

  7. Serve and enjoy this classic diner-style burger based on a beloved classic from Martin’s Family Restaurant!

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