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Summer Bucket List

April 27, 2020
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Join us all season long as we celebrate the many sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of summer!

Martin’s Summer Fun Season

Summer is almost here, and we want to help you make the most of it! That’s why all summer long, we’ll be sharing creative ideas, delicious recipes, and helpful tips here on our blog; but we also have some other exciting opportunities on the horizon.

In just a few days, on May 1, we’ll be kicking off our “Summer Fun Season” complete with a special landing page filled with themed recipes and resources, as well as seasonal sweepstakes prizes to help you celebrate the best that summer has to offer! All season long—from May through Labor Day— make sure to check back often to see the latest content for all your Summer Fun activities!

To learn more or to view the Summer Fun prize schedule, head over to!

160+ Summer Fun Bucket List Ideas

Summer Fun Bucket List Featured Image

Looking for some additional inspiration this summer? Check out this comprehensive “bucket list” of ideas and activities to get you pumped for all the upcoming Summer Fun! From outdoor cookouts and pool parties to nighttime star gazing, this list covers all the best things about summer, helping ensure you don’t miss a thing. Peruse through the list to kick-start some ideas, or check out the printable resource at the bottom to create your own Summer Bucket List!

  1. Go on an Adventure
  2. Spend a Day at the Amusement Park
  3. Attend a Block Party
  4. Serve up Some Barbecue

    Backyard BBQ Platter - Combo Tray

    These Backyard BBQ Platters are the perfect ideas for your next outdoor party with friends and neighbors! Allow your guests to mix and match their own choice of meats, sides, and fixin’s!

  5. Walk in the Sand Barefoot
  6. Attend a Baseball Game
  7. Go to the Beach
  8. Go Berry Picking

    Summer Fruit Bruschetta

    Looking for ideas using fresh berries? Read our strawberries blog post for recipes like this Summer Fruit Bruschetta!

  9. Take a Bicycle Ride

    Click here for some helpful snacks and hacks to keep in mind for your next bike ride!

  10. Listen to the Birds
  11. Visit the Boardwalk
  12. Take a Boat Ride
  13. Have a Bonfire
  14. Enjoy a Burger on Martin’s Potato Rolls in honor of National Burger Month!

    Build-Your-Own Burger Bar

    Or even better, Build Your Own Burger Bar complete with customizable topping ideas!

  15. Chase a Butterfly
  16. Attend a Summer Camp
  17. Build a Campfire (and try these Foil Pack Meals!)
  18. Go Camping
  19. Go Canoeing
  20. Visit the Carnival

    Martin’s Fat Sandwich

    (…and try some of these Indulgent Eats!)

  21. Catch Lightning Bugs
  22. Compete In A County Fair
  23. Attend a Concert
  24. Eat Corn on the Cob

    Click here for some great new corn recipes!

  25. Complete a Crossword Puzzle
  26. Dance in the Rain
  27. Develop a Delicious New Recipe

    Campfire Mac & Cheese Burger

    …Like this Campfire Mac & Cheese Burger!

  28. Eat Dinner Outdoors
  29. Jump Off a Diving Board
  30. Spot a Dragonfly
  31. Drink a Milkshake or Smoothie
  32. Entertain House Guests
  33. Exercise
  34. Explore the Woods
  35. Explore Your Hometown
  36. Visit a Local Farm
  37. Shop at a Farmers Market

  38. Watch Fireworks
  39. Go Fishing

    Check here for new fishing recipes and resources!

  40. Wear Flip Flops
  41. Float in an Inner Tube
  42. Pick Flowers (then make these floral themed recipes!)
  43. Eat Fresh Fruit
  44. Play Frisbee
  45. Make Homemade Fruit Preserves/Jam

    How to Make Peach Jam - Peach Jam in Mason Jars

  46. Have FUN
  47. Plant a Garden
  48. Go “Glamping
  49. Play Golf
  50. Walk in the Grass
  51. Grill Something, Anything

    Psst…Click here to find the perfect Summer Grilling Recipes for All 50 States.

  52. Wear a Hat
  53. Go Hiking
  54. Start a New Hobby
  55. Eat a Hot Dog on a Martin’s Potato Roll

    Bacon Cheeseburger Hot Dog

    Find a hot dog recipe for all your summer occasions on our blog!

    OR—Build a DIY Hot Dog Toppings Bar

  56. Spot a Hummingbird
  57. Enjoy Some Ice Cream
  58. Sip Iced Tea or Lemonade

    Click here for some classic summer food and drink pairings!

  59. Celebrate Independence Day with these Patriotic Recipes

    4th of July Recipes: American Flag Trifle

  60. Watch Out for Insects (and be sure to use bug spray!)
  61. Join a Summer Bible Study
  62. Join a Summer Sports League
  63. Journey Through the Wilderness
  64. Jump Rope
  65. Fly a Kite
  66. Go Kayaking
  67. Play Kick Ball
  68. Spend the Day at a Lake

    Lakeside Picnic

  69. Lay In A Hammock
  70. Learn a New Skill
  71. Drink Lemonade
  72. Wear a Life Vest
  73. Watch Lightning
  74. Listen To Nature
  75. Enjoy a Lobster Roll (or Seafood Salad Roll)

  76. Make Mountain Pies Over the Campfire
  77. Trek Through the Mountains
  78. Have a Movie Marathon
  79. Take an Afternoon Nap
  80. Visit a National Park
  81. Appreciate Nature
  82. Make a New Friend
  83. Spend the Night Outdoors
  84. Find an Oasis
  85. Swim in the Ocean
  86. Host an Outdoor Barbecue

  87. Watch a Movie Outside
  88. Play Outside With The Kids
  89. Learn to Paddle Board
  90. Spend a Day at the Park
  91. Make Something With Peaches
  92. Have a Perfect Picnic

    Click here for even more picnic tips and resources!

  93. Plant a Mini Garden
  94. Play Catch
  95. Have a Pool Party

    Poolside Recipes

    Celebrate summer by hosting a pool party with bright & colorful, tropical recipes like fish taco boats, fruit skewers, chicken salad sliders, and more!

  96. Eat a Popsicle
  97. Send a Postcard
  98. Quench Your Thirst
  99. Enjoy Some Quiet Time
  100. Go Rafting
  101. Eat Raspberries
  102. Catch Some (Sun) Rays
  103. Read A Book For Fun
  104. Ride a Roller Coaster
  105. Ride In a Car With the Windows (Or Sun Roof) Down
  106. Take a Road Trip
  107. Roast Marshmallows for S’mores

    S'mores Mountain Pie

    Ever made S’mores Mountain Pies? Find this and other recipes on our blog!

  108. Go Roller Blading
  109. Go Sailing
  110. Build a Sandcastle
  111. Spot a Seagull
  112. Experience the Senses (Sights, Sounds & Smells) of Summer
  113. Sit in the Shade
  114. Sleep In
  115. Go Snorkeling or Scuba Diving
  116. Soak up the Sun (make sure to wear sun screen!)
  117. Spend Quality Time With Family
  118. Play a New Sport
  119. Go Star Gazing

    Galaxy Star Wands

    Prepare fun themed recipes like these Galaxy Star Wands to accompany your evening!

  120. Find a Starfish
  121. Visit a State Park
  122. Sample Some Summer Street Foods
  123. Find a Sunflower
  124. Watch a Sunrise
  125. Watch a Sunset
  126. Go Surfing
  127. Go Swimming
  128. Taste the Many Flavors of Summer
  129. Host a Tea Party in honor of Mom

    She’ll love our tea-flavored brunch ideas like this Earl Grey French Toast!

  130. Play Tennis
  131. Set up a Tent
  132. Listen to a Thunderstorm
  133. Make Tomato Sandwiches
  134. Travel
  135. Try a New Food
  136. Celebrate the USA with this American Slider Trio

    American Slider Trio

    A trio of American History: “The Cowboy,” “The Diner-Style” and “The Taco Pizza Burger.”

  137. Swim Underwater
  138. Take a Vacation
  139. Eat Fresh Vegetables
  140. Venture Somewhere New
  141. Tour a Vineyard
  142. Visit An Old Friend or Family Member
  143. Tour Martin’s Visitor Center: The Golden Roll
  144. Volunteer
  145. Wade In The Stream
  146. Try Wakeboarding
  147. Go for a Walk
  148. Participate in Water Sports
  149. Go to the Water Park
  150. WatchShark Week

    Shark Submarine Sandwich

    Of course you need some shark-tastic recipes to go along with your watch party!

  151. Eat Watermelon
  152. Enjoy the Warm Weather
  153. eXplore
  154. X Marks the Spot—Go on a treasure hunt!
  155. Play Yard Games
  156. Have a Yard Sale
  157. Eat Frozen Yogurt
  158. Spot a Zebra at the Zoo
  159. Eat Some Zucchini (or Summer Squash)

    This Pulled Chicken and Marinated Zucchini Sandwich includes some of the best summer flavors!

  160. Catch some ZZZ’s on Labor Day


We hope you enjoyed this Summer Fun Bucket List! How many FUN items can you check off this summer? Download the below printable PDF to create your own custom bucket list. (Or click here to download a pre-filled bucket list!)

Summer Fun Bucket List - Blank

We’d love for you to follow us on social media and let us know what you’re doing this summer. And be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all things Summer Fun. Check back on our blog each week for more great content, and don’t forget to visit for the latest sweepstakes opportunities and other resources.

Most of all…HAVE FUN!

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