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Mother’s Day Tea Recipes

May 6, 2019
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Chai Tea Bread Pudding

Treat Mom to something extra-special this Mother’s Day. Invite her favorite gals over for a Victorian style tea party—complete with fancy decorative tea cups and saucers, pretty floral accents, and tea-infused recipes to enjoy as she sits down to a nice, relaxing brunch.

Tea has been around for thousands of years, with likely Chinese origins. Over time, the love of tea spread to other countries and eventually to Europe and Great Britain, where it has become an integral part of the culture.

This immensely popular beverage is ever-evolving, with new trends and flavor variations taking root all the time. With five main categories of tea (white, green, black, oolong, and pu’erh), and countless herbal varieties and flavor additives, the possibilities are endless.

Mother’s Day Tea Party

Earl Grey French Toast

Give Mom the gift of quality time with a festive tea-inspired brunch party. Set the table with vintage chinaware and teacups, antique silverware, decorative vases, and floral centerpieces. Scan your local thrift store for some creative options.  For more tea party ideas, visit

Next, be sure to have plenty of tea options for everyone to choose from; try to have at least one green tea, one black tea, and one caffeine-free option such as herbal or rooibos. If you have enough tea cups + saucer options, let each party guest pick out their own cup to drink from (or even to keep as a party favor).

Lastly—and most importantly—the food! Serve Mom some deliciously decadent brunch options that pair perfectly with all kinds of tea. Include sweet treats like French toast, bread pudding, or mini desserts, and a few savory options as a nice complement.

Need inspiration? Try our tea-flavored brunch recipes below!


Matcha & Fruit Crostini

Matcha Fruit Crostini

Matcha is a fine-powdered Japanese green tea known for its vibrant green color. While it has been enjoyed for centuries in Japan, this bright green tea has only recently become a popular beverage choice in the western world. Whether due to its brilliant natural color or its many supposed health benefits, matcha is trending in modern culinary techniques, in particular, baking.

Look for matcha tea bags (as we used here) or use loose matcha powder (if you want a vibrant green color and earthier flavor) as a way to infuse flavor into pastries, smoothies, and custards.

To make these Matcha & Fruit Crostini brunch appetizers, we first steeped matcha tea bags in a sweetened cream mixture to extract the flavor, then gradually combined it with a simple egg custard to form a smooth, flavorful pastry filling. The chilled filling is then spread onto sweetened Martin’s Potato Bread-crostini and decorated with colorful fresh berries.


Earl Grey French Toast with Orange-Maple Syrup

Earl Grey French Toast

Earl Grey is one of the most beloved tea flavors of all time. It is a flavored black tea infused with bergamot oil (from the orange of the same name). There are many variations of Earl Grey including Lady Grey (with the addition of blue cornflower blossoms), along with other floral additions such as rose petals or lavender.

Earl Grey tea tends to have a bright, refreshing, and bold flavor, making it perfect for use in this French toast brunch recipe. The special finishing touch of orange juice-infused maple syrup helps to amplify the bergamot flavor of the tea and add some additional brightness to the dish.


Chai Tea Bread Pudding

Chai Tea Bread Pudding

In India, “chai” simply means “tea.” The spiced chai tea we typically think of is also called “masala chai” (meaning “mixed spice tea”), and is a black tea that is flavored with various spices, usually including cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and ginger.

Chai tea is a very comforting beverage because of the warming effect offered by the spice blend of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and other spices. This makes it the perfect tea for a cozy brunch with Mom.

In this recipe, a chai tea milk infusion is used as the custard base for a decadent bread pudding made with Martin’s 100% Whole Wheat Potato Bread along with shredded coconut and toasted almonds. To top it all off, a sweet caramel drizzle adds the perfect finishing touch for this mom-worthy treat.


Tea Party Companion Recipes

Floral Flavors

Mother’s Day wouldn’t be the same without flowers. Try including some floral flavor-inspired recipes like the ones listed here (and shown below) in your Mother’s Day brunch spread. Not to mention—many tea blends (especially herbal) incorporate floral flavors such as rose petals, hibiscus, lavender, cornflower, and chamomile, making these floral recipes perfect Tea Party inspiration!

Tea Sandwiches & Toasts

Make sure to include mini finger sandwiches for the guests to snack on in between meals or while enjoying a sip of tea and some great conversation. Find some recipe ideas below or on our recipes page at:



Matcha Fruit Crostini


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