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August 13, 2018
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Martin’s Fat Sandwich

There’s no denying that America loves its extreme foods. Where else in the world could you find dishes like deep fried butter or chocolate-covered bacon? These foods may not be altogether healthy, but as a once-in-a-while treat, they resemble the ultimate form of comfort food or child-like indulgence.

This makes sense when considering that these over-the-top creations are most frequently enjoyed on special occasion visits to fairs, carnivals, and boardwalks or specialty fast food joints like food trucks.

After all, amidst all the flashing lights and excitement of an amusement park, who could resist the enticing smell of freshly battered funnel cake or vibrantly colored cotton candy and snow cones? The overall atmosphere of a festival lends itself to this type of indulgent snacking. Something about the idea of deep-fried candy bars or otherwise bizarre food pairings allows one’s curiosity to get the better of them.

A similar rule of thumb applies to food trucks and street vendors. People often visit these places out of accessibility or convenience, e.g., on a sporadic trip into the city, at a sporting arena, or as a catering option for a special event. (Check out this blog post for a list of 15 top street food offerings). Food trucks have been gaining popularity in recent years and many now feature specialty niches such as fusion cuisine or comfort food novelties like gourmet grilled cheese.

Summer is prime time for all sorts of outdoor festivals, fairs, and on-the-go dining situations, so make the most of these activities while you can. But don’t fret when the season’s events come to an end—check out the below list of indulgent comfort food recipes you can make at home, any time of year.


Martin’s Fat Sandwich

This dish takes its inspiration from food trucks like the ones typical in college towns where students flock for routine study breaks and late-night snacks. Sandwiches from these types of establishments are often called “fat” sandwiches for the obvious reason that they are stuffed full of fried and indulgent foods. Our variation includes breaded mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, French fries, and a choice of sauces: marinara, honey mustard, or ketchup, all on a Martin’s Hoagie Roll.


Grilled Cheese Burger

Grilled Cheese Burger

This extreme eat looks like something you’d find in a classic American diner. It combines two favorite comfort foods into one—grilled cheese and cheeseburgers. You can’t go wrong with two toasty cheese sandwiches in place of the usual burger bun!


Martin’s Potato Bread “Corn Dog”

Potato Bread Corn Dog

One of the best things about a day at the carnival is getting to enjoy all sorts of yummy treats. A warm funnel cake, dusted with powdered sugar. A sweet-and-savory corn dog, in a convenient, dippable form. Good news—you can make an easy version of the latter in the comfort of your own home! Since Martin’s Potato Bread is soft and slightly sweet (just like cornmeal batter), you can use it to form a wrap around your hot dog, then deep fry it for a fair-worthy snack!


Indulgent Eats Gallery

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