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Picnic Perfect Summer Recipes

July 17, 2017
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Did you know July is National Picnic Month? It makes sense considering the gorgeous weather and warm temperatures which set the ideal atmosphere for some al fresco dining. Read down through our quick planning guide and recipes list for tips on how to make your picnic perfect!

These warm summer months are also a popular time for potluck-style gatherings—where family, friends, and church groups gather at a particular household, each guest bringing a specific menu item. Potlucks are a great way to ensure a wide variety of foods without any single person having to do the majority of the cooking and preparation. The best dishes tend to be ones that will serve a large number of people, even if just tasting-size portions; and also dishes that transport easily and can be served cold or else kept warm until ready to enjoy. Since potlucks and picnics are often synonymous, the below recipes can work for either!

Whatever your picnic traditionally looks like, we hope you find these tips and recipes enjoyable!

What to Bring:

If you’re having a traditional picnic, you’ll need all the essentials like a picnic blanket, a basket and/or cooler to keep your food and drinks cold until ready to enjoy, plates, cups, napkins, utensils, and anything else needed for preparing or serving your meal. Depending on how long you plan to be at your picnic, you may also want to pack games, toys, sporting equipment, or books to enjoy while you spend time outdoors.


Look for nearby parks in your area with picnic tables and/or other amenities, if desired. Or—if your family loves the water, find a nice spot at a local public lake or beach. If all else fails, just lay out a blanket in your own backyard—it’s more convenient, and you won’t even have to worry about finding a restroom.


Picnic food doesn’t have to mean the traditional boring sandwich with chips. Your outdoor dining experience can still include delicious entrees, appetizers, sides, and desserts! And don’t forget to bring along some refreshing drinks like lemonade or iced tea.

Below are some creative recipe ideas that are perfectly portable using a few clever storage hacks.


Summer Panzanella Salad

Summer Panzanella Salad

Bring your favorite summer flavors together in this bright and sunny salad! With refreshing and colorful ingredients like fresh watermelon, golden beets, mint, and arugula, this dish makes a perfect entrée or side dish for your next outdoor meal or picnic.

Tip: if your picnic spot requires a bit of a drive, hold off on adding the bread cubes and dressing until you’re ready to eat—that way, the bread won’t get soggy.

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Veggie Pizza Bites

Veggie Pizza Bites

This light and healthy snack makes a wonderful picnic appetizer. Your favorite summer veggies are scattered atop an herb and cream cheese-coated potato roll crust, then split into convenient bite size portions.

For hassle-free transport to your picnic location, the finished “pizzas” should fit inside a large rectangular food storage container. You could also prepare the first half of the recipe ahead of time, then sandwich the two sides of rolls together and wrap in plastic wrap to store. Unwrap at your picnic site and finish off with your pre-chopped veggies.

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Easy Berry Cobbler

Berry Cobbler

Every picnic needs a dessert! And what’s more summery than a berry cobbler? This simplified recipe saves you time by using strips of potato bread as the topping, instead of having to deal with pesky pie crust.

Tip: use a baking dish with handles, allow to cool after baking, then cover with a lid or foil for easy transporting and minimal clean up!

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Sandwich Skewers

This fun variation on a sandwich makes an easy and delicious snack that can be enjoyed on-the-go with no extra serving utensils. They are perfect for picnics or day trips!

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 On-the-Go Sandwiches

These quick and easy mini sandwiches on Martin’s Party Potato Rolls make picnic preparation a cinch! Just split a sheet of rolls in half and fill with your favorite deli meat, cheese, and condiments; or make several different combinations. Then sandwich together and store back in the bread bag or a large food storage container until ready to enjoy!

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More Picnic Recipes:

Looking for more ways to spend time outside this summer? Check out our Staycation Resource Page for fun ideas such as hosting a family games tournament or touring your hometown!


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