5 Locations with Martin's Products - (1.9 Miles)
5 Locations with Martin's Products - (1.9 Miles)
Thin Sliced Smoked Ham
Thin Sliced Pastrami
Thin Sliced Roast Beef
Sliced Swiss Cheese
Sliced Colby Jack Cheese
Martin's Party Potato Rolls
  1. Keeping the rolls together, use a bread knife to cut through the entire sheet of rolls at once.

  2. Layer meats and cheeses on the bottom roll halves. Spread condiments on top halves of rolls. Place the top halves of the rolls onto the sandwiches.

  3. Place sandwiches on your serving tray or storage container. Cut down and across to separate the rolls. Store in refrigerator or cooler until ready to use.

    Tip: 1 pack of Party Potato Rolls (24 sliders) fits in a large tupperware bin, perfect for storing for picnics or long car rides.

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