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July 4th – Patriotic Recipe Ideas

June 26, 2017
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How are you planning to celebrate Independence Day? Go all out by hosting a patriotic party complete with red, white, and blue décor and creative 4th of July recipes! Read on for some great ideas on celebrating this classic holiday.

More Than a Meal

With July 4th so conveniently placed right in the heart of summer, it makes it the perfect holiday to enjoy a cookout party with your friends, family, or neighbors! Gather around the grill enjoying classic summer dishes like BBQ, burgers, or hot dogs, refreshing drinks and snacks, and great conversation.

But remember, July 4th is so much more than a meal; it’s a celebration of our country, “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” So celebrate American-style with your loved ones, making new cherished memories as you do!

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Patriotic Party Décor

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Think back to the best party you’ve ever attended. What do you remember most about it? Yes—the attendee list is key, of course, but the most memorable parties also tend to have a consistent theme that really sets them apart.

Planning a theme for a party can sometimes be difficult (how many different birthday themes can you think of?)—but thankfully, a July 4th theme is always the same: USA! Look for festive place settings in red, white, and blue colors; decorations with stars or stripes; and centerpieces that resemble fireworks. Check out this slideshow for some great DIY decorations!

Also, don’t forget to read our Ultimate Cookout Resource Page for helpful tools and tips on hosting a summer cookout party, including printable resources like a Shopping List and Party Planning Checklist!

4th of July Recipes

Recipes for July 4th can be a bit harder to come up with, but the same ideas apply; think of creative ways you can integrate red, white, and blue foods, along with star and stripe elements, into your dishes. Maybe you even want to hold a contest amongst your attendees to see whose dish is most patriotic!

Check out these 5 All-American Recipes below for some inspiring ideas!

Red White and Blue Mini Buns

A festive trio of classic American cuisine using three regional BBQ sauces in our national colors as a decorative finishing touch! Your guests with love these hot dog, barbecue chicken, and barbecue pork sliders topped with Alabama (white), Memphis (red), and blueberry-infused Kansas City BBQ sauces!

4th of July Recipes: Red White and Blue Mini Buns

Get the full recipe at:

Star-Spangled French Toast Casserole

Use a star cookie cutter to make this patriotic French toast with Martin’s Butter Bread, speckled with red and blue berries and white cream cheese. Perfect for a holiday brunch!

4th of July Recipes: Star French Toast Casserole

Get the full recipe at:

American Flag Trifle

Pay homage to our country’s flag by serving a dessert trifle with layers of red and blue gelatin, whipped topping, lemon-glazed Butter Bread, and fresh berries, plus a “stars and stripes” design on top.

4th of July Recipes: American Flag Trifle

Get the full recipe at:

Red White & Bleu Burger

Juicy red tomato slices and crumbly white and “blue” cheese make this America-themed burger on Martin’s Sandwich Potato Rolls another clever cookout meal.

Get the full recipe at:

American Flag Toast

Show off your American pride with this patriotic toast made with cream cheese, strawberry jam, blueberries, bananas, and toasted Martin’s Potato Bread. A simple and delicious treat!

Get the full recipe at:

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