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11 All-American Foods for Memorial Day

May 29, 2022
7 min. read

Cheeseburger Hoagie

Happy Memorial Day weekend! In addition to being the unofficial start to summer, this weekend is a time set aside to honor those who have given their lives for our country while celebrating the freedom they have provided. It’s a weekend of honoring American patriotism and those protecting it.

So, this week on the blog, in honor of the holiday, we’re paying homage to American food. We know what you might be thinking: “Didn’t most of our main food groups originate outside the U.S.?” In many cases, that is true. But this week, we’re particularly focused on food that was invented here, versions of food that is unique to our culture, and foods that are quintessential in traditional American activities like carnivals, picnics, and more.

Ready to go on this American culinary tour with us? Let’s get started!


1.      Burgers


We know you saw this coming. Around here, we love burgers and they are one of the most iconic foods popularized in America. One of our favorite things about burgers is how versatile they can be. If you’re a culinary master and love to cook food like a pro, burgers can be smoked or made with hand-ground beef. Or, if you’re just looking for a quick bite at the end of a long summer day, they can be whipped up in just a few minutes with pre-made patties and a few condiments.

Specifically for Memorial Day weekend, we recommend a couple of our favorite burger recipes. This Campfire Mac & Cheese Burger is perfect for a camping weekend. The burger patties (and even the mac and cheese) can be prepared right over the fire!

Ultimate-All American Summer BurgerFor a particularly patriotic burger, try whipping up our Ultimate All-American Summer Burger with potato chips or our flag-themed Red, White, and Bleu Burger. Bonus: for a slider-sized version, try this America Burger Trio!

P.S. Be on the lookout for our burger-themed summer prize coming in June!


2.      Hoagies/Heroes/Submarines

This American food is iconic not only for being delicious, but also for its controversial title. It is a hoagie? A submarine sandwich? Or something different altogether?

Whatever you call it, these cylindrical sandwiches can be topped with cold cuts, vegetables, and any other toppings you desire. They’re customizable to any preferences! Just don’t forget to put it on a Martin’s Hoagie Roll!

Featured Recipe: Cheeseburger Sub

Cheeseburger Hoagie

For this week’s featured recipe, we decided to combine these first two iconic American foods into one. Cheeseburger Subs have become very popular in our area of south-central PA, so if you’ve never had one before, we wanted to share them with you!

To make them, all you need to do is take your favorite burger ingredients (don’t forget the special sauce) and place them carefully on a Martin’s Hoagie Roll for a hybrid sandwich that is sure to satisfy.

Get the recipe:

Plus, check out our video tutorial of how to make this recipe on our YouTube channel!


3.      Hot Dogs

Lazy Days of Summer Dog

Naturally, following burgers, we’re going to talk about hot dogs! Hot dogs are also plenty versatile (and come with serious debate about the best kind of topping). Whether cooked with a skillet, in an air fryer, or on the grill, hot dogs are a fantastic food to enjoy on Memorial Day weekend.

New York Street DogsWe hand-picked a few of our favorite hot dog recipes to share with you for the holiday. First up are our New York Street Dogs (right), inspired by the iconic hot dog carts that can be found, as the name implies, on the streets of the Empire State.

Next, if you’re already preparing a few other iconic summer foods this weekend, why not try piling them atop your hot dog, like this Frank and Beans Dog, made with baked beans, onion, and bacon! Or you can try making our Lazy Days of Summer Dog by adding a few summer staples (like potato chips and barbecue sauce) on top!


4.      Barbecue

Baltimore Pit Beef Sandwich with Horseradish Sauce

We’ve been talking about barbecue for the entire month of May! But, of course, we can never quite get enough of this diverse and tasty food group. As you’ll learn in our barbecue history blog, this cooking style didn’t originate in the US, but what brings it into this list is how popular it’s become in different areas of the country—from the vinegar-based red sauce of Tennessee to the brisket-exclusive meals of Texas.

Browse all of our May barbecue-themed blogs below!

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  2. May Blog 2: History of Barbecue in America
  3. May Blog 3: BBQ Sauces Toppings
  4. May Blog 4: BBQ Food Service


5.      Buffalo Wings and Sauce

Shout out to the city of Buffalo in New York for first creating the now-iconic spicy condiment we know to be buffalo sauce. On wings or fries or chicken cheesesteaks, we think buffalo sauce has earned its place on this list based on its presence at many classic American gatherings. To enjoy buffalo sauce this Memorial Day, try some of the recipes below.

If you’re feeling creative and ambitious, why not try making your own buffalo sauce using our recipe! Then, we recommend using it on some Crispy Buffalo Chicken Sliders (right) or a Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak!


6.      Philly Cheesesteak

Speaking of cheesesteaks, we can’t forget one of the most famous foods to originate in Martin’s home state of Pennsylvania! A soft bun, chopped beef, and cheese—what’s not to love? You may not think of Philly Cheesesteaks as an essential Memorial Day food, but we’re here to say that you should consider it this year!

Here are some great recipe ideas if you want to integrate this dish into your weekend menu. For a classic version, try our original Philly Cheesesteak recipe. Or, try this grilled cheese variation!


7.      Lobster Roll

Ditch Plains Lobster Roll

Get a little fancy this Memorial Day with this iconic seafood dish from New England! A creamy mustard-mayo sauce combined with tasty lobster on a Martin’s Long Roll will make your party guests and your family proud!

We especially love this recipe from Chef Marc Murphy of Ditch Plains.


8.      Corn Dogs

We mostly love corn dogs for the iconic Americana imagery that comes with them, like sitting on a bench watching the carousel at your local fair. If you’re camping or picnicking or doing any fun activities over the weekend, these can be a great mobile snack to make and take with you.

Did you know you can make corn dogs with Martin’s Potato Bread? Give this recipe a try!


9.      Ranch Dressing

Ranch Dressing

Number nine on the list is reserved for another iconic condiment—ranch dressing. This mayo-based sauce is a natural for dipping and drizzling, especially on summer food like salads and chicken.

slow cooker bacon ranch chicken

If you want to integrate this flavor-packed sauce into your Memorial Day menu, we recommend trying our DIY version here! Or, if you’re looking for a main dish, try this Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich (right) on Big Marty’s Rolls.


10. S’mores

This bonfire staple dessert is another great option for your weekend cookout. S’mores—a simple combination of 3 staple ingredients – have become vastly popular in America, and now you can even find a wide variety of “remix” versions. As you know, a classic s’more isn’t made with bread or rolls, but we have a couple of delicious variations you can try with Martin’s products.

If you do find yourself around the campfire this weekend, try making our S’mores Mountain Pies! For our ambitious folks, perhaps you can break out the deep fryer and whip up what we call a Deep Fried S’mores Roll (left).



11. Apple Pie

Apple French Toast Bake

It would be all but criminal to write a blog about iconic American food without including apple pie. Whether for breakfast or dessert, the familiar cinnamon-y flavor of apple pie can be integrated into many delicious dishes.

Try our Fruit Mountain Pies, made with apple filling, if you’re looking for a quick and easy dessert. Or, prepare our Apple French Toast Bake (above) for breakfast to experience all the flavors of apple pie for the first meal of the day. It even looks like Apple Pie!


And there you have it: some of our best Americana food recommendations to enjoy this Memorial Day weekend! As always, you can find even more recipes on our website at

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!

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