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Deep Fried S’mores Roll

30 Mins


5 Martin's Sweet Party Potato Rolls

3 Tablespoons Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread

3 Tablespoons Marshmallow Fluff

Vegetable Oil, for frying

Cinnamon-Sugar or Powdered Sugar

Serves: 5


Step 1

Preheat deep fryer (or pot of oil) to 400 degrees F.

Step 2

Deep fry each party roll for 30 seconds per side, using tongs or another utensil to hold the roll. Be careful of splatter from the hot oil.

Step 3

Remove each roll when it is golden brown. Arrange on a paper-towel-lined plate and pat off excess oil.

Step 4

In a bowl, mix together desired filling – we used chocolate-hazelnut spread and marshmallow fluff.

Step 5

Fill either a piping bag with a long piping tip, or a bakery injector tool, with the filling mixture. Insert the tip or tool into the side of each party roll and squeeze in the filling.

Step 6

Over a bowl or plate – dust each party roll with cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar.