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Cooking with Apples

September 12, 2022
6 min. read

Caramel Apple Cinnamon Swirl French Toast

There are a few things about this time of year that clearly indicate the changing of seasons and the nearing transition into fall – leaves fading into shades of orange and brown, pumpkin spice-flavored food and drinks, increasingly crisp morning air, and the ripening of everyone’s favorite fall fruit. That’s right, this week on the blog we’re talking about apples!

If you have plans to pick apples in the next few weeks, you’ll have no shortage of ideas for how to use them after reading our suggestions below. From breakfast to dinner and even dessert, we’re bringing you enough recipes to last you an entire day.

Not sure where to pick apples in your area? Check out this list!

Types of Apples

First things first: before you even start your apple picking or cooking adventures, it may be a good idea to brush up on the common apple types in your area and the qualities of each. Check out our Apple Harvest Blog to get started!

Just a note – most apples can be used in most recipes, but certain apples have unique strengths in terms of their taste and cookability. Granny Smith Apples, for example, are known for being tart when raw, but become a delicious sweet-but-not-too-sweet quality when baked or cooked.

Check out our apple type recommendations for each of the below recipes as you browse!


Fall Apple Recipes

Once you know the types of apples you might be working with, it’s time for the fun part: choosing which recipes to make first. We’ve got suggestions for all three meals of the day, plus dessert. So, no matter what time of day you are craving fall apple flavors, there’s a custom fall dish for you.


Apples are commonly used in baked goods due to how well they mingle and incorporate with the other ingredients. And that makes them great for breakfast too! Plus, apples are rich in fiber, which will help keep you full until lunch.

  1. Featured Recipe: Caramel Apple Cinnamon Swirl French Toast (Granny Smith)

Caramel Apple Cinnamon Swirl French Toast

We couldn’t wait to introduce you to this brand new, decadent apple recipe. That’s why it’s first on the list! You may already know that our signature Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Potato Bread makes for great French toast, but this recipe takes it to the next level by stuffing in layers of cream cheese filling and caramelized apples.

Get the full recipe here:

Be sure to make plenty, because once this masterpieces is on your plate, it will be hard to share!

Check out our video tutorial for making this recipe on our YouTube channel!

  1. Apple French Toast Bake (Granny Smith)

Apple French Toast Bake

Continuing along the French toast theme, try this baked casserole version that can be prepped the night before and baked when you wake up (plus, it will fill your home with the signature apple cinnamon scent!).

  1. Caramel Apple Swirl Bread Toast (Granny Smith)

Caramel Apple Swirl Bread Toast

For a quicker, fresh take on an apple breakfast, try thinly slicing your apple of choice (we used granny smith above) and creating this swirl bread toast recipe with cream cheese and caramel!



Thanks to the versatility of apples during this season, the types of dishes that can be prepared by this fruit are seemingly endless! You can even create savory meals – like salads and paninis – using your fresh-picked harvest.

  1. Grilled Apple Tossed Salad (McIntosh)

Grilled Apple Tossed Salad

This salad just speaks “fall.” Between the grilled apples, chopped walnuts, and Martin’s Cinnamon-Sugar Swirl Potato Bread croutons, this dish would make a great lunch at work or at home and will definitely put you in the autumn spirit.

  1. Rosemary Goat Cheese, Ham, Apple, and Honey Sandwich (Red Delicious)

Another fall winner, this sandwich is piled high with simple yet flavorful autumn ingredients. Start with toasted Martin’s Old-Fashioned Real Butter Bread and pile on ham, sliced apple, honey, arugula, goat cheese and a squeeze of lemon for a delicious mid-day break.

  1. Caramelized Onion and Apple Panini (Granny Smith)

Caramelized Onion and Apple Grilled Cheese

Originally created as part of our grilled cheese blog series in the spring season, this recipe is perfect for the time between summer and winter. Caramelized onion and Martin’s Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Potato Bread provide comfort food elements while fresh granny smith apple and chopped sage keep this sandwich bright and full of flavor.


Apple Recipes for Dinner

When you’re settling down for a cozy dinner inside during the fall months, apples are a great seasonal addition to slow cooker meals, roasted meats, and more. Plus, as you’ll see in the recipes below, if you’re more of an apple cider person, there are also delicious ways to incorporate that into hearty pot roast and more!

  1. Featured Recipe: Apple Cider Braised Pot Roast Bowls (Apple Cider)

Apple Cider Braised Pot Roast

Think bread bowls can only be made out of oversized rounds of crusty sourdough? Think again! Our Dinner Potato Rolls are the perfect size for mini servings of this pot roast recipe. Plus, this way you can enjoy more than one!

This recipe is packed with flavorful produce, like onion, squash, carrots, potatoes, celery, thyme, and parsley. You’ll love how all the hearty veggies and herbs mingle together with this tender, slow-cooked chuck roast.

Get the full recipe here:

  1. Slow Cooker Apple Cider Pulled Chicken Sandwiches (Apple Cider, Honeycrisp)

This tasty sandwich (great for tailgating or fall gatherings, by the way) is made with both apple cider and thinly sliced honeycrisp apples for a surprising and satisfying crunch.

  1. Apple Cranberry Stuffing (Red Delicious)

Thanksgiving Recipes | Apple & Cranberry Stuffing

Thanksgiving might not be here yet (although, let’s be honest, it will be here sooner than we think!), but this stuffing recipe can be enjoyed with any hearty autumn meal, and it’s a great way to use up your apple harvest. Fresh cranberries and apples combine with flavors of sage and thyme for a flavor-packed and cozy side dish.


Apple Recipes for Dessert

Last but not least, everyone’s favorite course of the day, dessert! We know you know how delicious apples can be in sweet treats. Here are a few of our favorite examples.

  1. Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Dip (Granny Smith)

Caramel Apple Pie Dip

Fill your kitchen and home with the classic, warm scents of apples, cinnamon, and caramel with this slow-cooker dip. The perfect end to a fall meal, this decadent dip pairs deliciously with Martin’s Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Toast “Chips,” which can also be cut into seasonal fall shapes!

  1. Apple Butter Bread Pudding (Apple Butter)

Apple butter is invited to this party, too! Did you know you can cook with this sweet seasonal spread? In this recipe, we combine apple butter with Martin’s Potato Bread, raisins, walnuts, milk, and eggs, for a warm and cozy seasonal dessert!


Which recipe will you try first? Let us know on social media how it turns out!


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