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31 Ways to Celebrate National Sandwich Month

August 3, 2020
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Croque Monsieur Sandwich Variations

Do you have an irrational love of sandwiches? Well, you’re in luck! August is National Sandwich Month, which gives you the perfect reason to indulge in this beloved food group all month long! And the great news is that sandwiches are so universal that you can enjoy something new every day without ever getting bored.

(After all, just about any food can be considered a sandwich as long as it is between two slices of bread. But don’t get us started on the “is a hot dog a sandwich?” debate…)


sandwich [ sand-wich, san– ]


1 two or more slices of bread or a split roll with a layer of ingredients in between.


The Ultimate Guide to Sandwiches:

First things first: with all the many types of sandwiches out there, it can be hard to keep things straight and easy to forget about some of the greats out there, especially when so many countries and cultures have their own popular variations.

So here is our guide to 31 popular sandwich variations—not all-inclusive by any means, but a good place to start.

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese

[bey·kuhn eg and cheez]

A popular trio of breakfast ingredients in the form of a sandwich. The egg may be cooked in any style such as scrambled or fried, and the ingredients may be served on a variety of breads from sliced bread to sandwich rolls, English muffins, or bagels.

Breakfast Sliders with Martins Potato Rolls



Bánh Mì

[bahn·mee] Vietnamese origin

The Vietnamese word for “bread,” bánh mì describes a type of sandwich typically served on a baguette or roll, filled with roasted pork or chicken, pickled veggies such as carrot and daikon radish, and cilantro leaves.

Pork Banh Mi on Martin's Hoagie Rolls





A classic sandwich featuring bacon, lettuce, and tomato, often served with mayonnaise, typically on toasted sliced bread.




[boh·kah·dee·yoh] Spanish origin

A diminutive of the Spanish word “bocado” (meaning “mouthful”), bocadillo may be translated as either “sandwich” or “snack” and can be used to describe any type of sandwich served on Spanish bread or a baguette, although they are usually simplistic sandwiches with few ingredients (primarily meat and cheese, or sometimes eggs). They are often served as “tapas” or “small plates.”




[buh·​loh·nee, ·nuh, ·lohn·yuh]

This type of sandwich is popular in the United States and is traditionally made with little more than sliced bologna sausage and white bread; it is often served with mustard or mayonnaise and occasionally sliced cheese. A popular variation is the fried bologna sandwich.

Bologna and Cheese Sandwich on Martin's Butter Bread




[kuh·prey·zey] Italian origin

An Italian ingredient trio of tomatoes, sweet basil, and fresh mozzarella, which represents the colors of the Italian flag (red, green, and white). It is most commonly served as a salad topped with olive oil, but may also be used to denote the use of the flavor combination as part of another dish (such as a sandwich).

caprese grilled cheese 8





A sandwich of thinly sliced steak and melted cheese or cheese sauce served on a long hoagie roll, occasionally topped with other ingredients like grilled peppers and onions. It originated in Philadelphia, PA.

Philly Cheesesteak



Chicken Salad

[chik·uhn sal·uhd]

A blended salad of chicken and mayonnaise (or mayo alternative); other common ingredients are celery, onion, pickles, mustard, and seasoning. It is typically served cold between two slices of bread or on a sandwich roll.

Chicken Salad Sandwiches with Ranch Poppyseed Dressing



Croque Monsieur

[krok muh·​syur] French origin

A French-style grilled ham and gruyere cheese sandwich with Dijon mustard, topped with béchamel sauce and broiled until bubbly. The name is derived from the French words “croquer,” meaning “crunch” or “bite” and “monsieur” or “mister.”

Croque Monsieur



BONUS: Croque Madame

[krok muh·​dahm] French origin

This variation on the Croque Monsieur is served with a poached or sunny-side up egg on top! (The egg is said to resemble a woman’s hat, hence the name).

Croque Madame

Recipe:, see variation #1.



[koo·bah·noh] Spanish origin

A Cuban-style sandwich made with ham, roasted pork, pickles, Swiss cheese, and yellow mustard, typically served on Cuban bread and grilled on both sides using a sandwich press or weight.




Egg Salad

[eg sal·uhd]

A blended salad of hard-boiled egg and mayonnaise, occasionally with mustard, green onion or chives, and/or additional seasonings; it is typically served cold between two slices of bread or on a sandwich roll.

Egg Salad



French Dip

[french dip]

Also called beef dip, this sandwich consists of thinly sliced roast beef served on a French roll or baguette alongside a dish of au jus (or beef broth) intended for dipping the sandwich into.

French Dip Sandwich



Fried Chicken

[frahyd chik·uhn]

A piece of chicken breast or chicken thigh that has been battered or breaded and deep-fried in oil until brown and crispy, then served on a bun. Common accompaniments include mayonnaise, pickles, and sometimes cole slaw.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwiches



Grilled Cheese

[grild cheez]

A toasted sandwich of bread and cheese, typically made by buttering the outside of the sandwich and pan frying on both sides until golden brown. Many variations are possible by adding additional ingredients or adjusting the method of cooking.

Grilled Cheese Stack on Martin's Butter Bread


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Ham and Cheese

[ham and cheez]

A classic sandwich consisting of sliced ham, cheese, and bread; common additions include mayonnaise and/or mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles.



Italian Beef

[ih·tal·yuhn beef]

A sub-style sandwich popular in Chicago, IL, that includes shredded roast beef and pickled veggies (called giardiniera), often served with au jus or gravy.



Italian Sub

[ih·tal·yuhn sub]

An Italian-American sub-style sandwich (or hoagie) that originated in the northeastern United States. It typically consists of various Italian deli meats such as ham, capicola, salami, and mortadella, along with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickled peppers, mayonnaise, and/or oil and vinegar.

Italian-Style Hoagie



Kentucky Hot Brown

[kuhtuhk·ee hot brown]

An open-faced sandwich that originated in Louisville, KY; it is topped with roasted turkey, bacon, tomatoes, and creamy Mornay cheese sauce, broiled until bubbly and served hot with a fork and knife.

Kentucky Hot Brown 2



Lobster Roll

[lob·ster rohl]

Lump lobster meat served on a hot dog bun, one of two ways; either “Connecticut-style” topped with clarified butter and served with a lemon wedge, or “New England-style” blended with mayonnaise, herbs and seasonings into a lobster salad mixture.

New England Lobster Salad Roll



Meatball Sub

[meet·bawl sub]

An Italian-American sandwich consisting of ground beef meatballs in a long sub/hoagie roll, usually topped with marinara sauce and provolone or mozzarella cheese.



Monte Cristo

[mon·tee kris·toh​]

A U.S. variation on the French Croque Monsieur; it is a grilled ham and cheese sandwich (typically made with emmental or gruyere cheese), dipped in egg batter and pan-fried until golden brown, similar to French toast. It can be served as a savory dish, as described above, or as a sweet dish, topped with powdered sugar and served alongside berry preserves for dipping.

Monte Cristo

Recipe:, see variation #2.


Patty melt

[pat·ee melt]

A cross between a cheeseburger and a sandwich; a hamburger patty is topped with cheese and grilled onions, then sandwiched between two slices of bread and toasted until golden brown on both sides.



Peanut Butter and Jelly, a.k.a. PB&J

[pee·nuht buht·er and jel·ee] or [pee bee and jay]

A classic combination of peanut butter and grape or strawberry jelly layered between two slices of bread. It is a popular lunch option among school-aged children.

PB&J on Martin's Butter Bread


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Po’ Boy


Short for “poor boy,” this Louisiana-style sandwich typically consists of fried seafood such as shrimp, oysters, fish, or crab, served on a French bread style roll.



Pulled Pork

[poold pohrk]

Pork that has been barbecued or slow-cooked using an alternate method, then shredded (pulled) and mixed with barbecue sauce and served on a roll.

pulled pork sandwich - 4





A grilled sandwich, which originated in the U.S., of corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing, typically made with rye bread, served warm.

Reuben with a Twist



Roast Beef

[rohst beef]

Any sandwich which uses roast beef as the main ingredient; some popular accompaniments include cheese, horseradish spread, pickles, and assorted vegetables or other condiments.



Sloppy Joe

[slop·ee joh]

A loose ground beef mixture cooked in a thick tomato-based sauce along with spices, then served on a bun.

Sloppy Joes



Tuna Melt

[too·nuh melt]

A variation on a tuna salad sandwich in which the tuna mixture is topped with cheese and toasted or broiled until melted; it may be served as a closed sandwich, pan-fried grilled cheese style; or open-faced, but is always served hot.



Turkey Club

[tur·kee kluhb]

Short for “clubhouse sandwich,” a club is a multi-layered sandwich that often uses three slices of bread (this is called a “double-decker” sandwich); common layers include turkey or chicken, ham or bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. It is often served on toasted bread and cut into quarters with toothpicks or cocktail sticks to hold it together.


–>See more variations here:


Veggie and Hummus

[vej·ee and huh·muhs]

A vegetarian sandwich made with various vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, or tomatoes, and hummus spread made from mashed chickpeas (garbanzo beans), tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, and spices.

Hummus Vegetable Sandwich



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