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What is Your Theme Park Personality?

May 1, 2023
6 min. read

Martin's Summer Fun Season 2023

It’s May 1st, and we don’t know about you, but we’re ready to kick off the summer. Are you with us? Good news—today marks the official start of what we like to call “Summer Fun Season!” All season long, we’ll be bringing you delicious recipes, creative ideas, and even a special sweepstakes opportunity (more on this at the bottom of the blog)!

If there’s one thing that we (and millions of other Americans all across the country) love to do during summer, it’s visit amusement parks, state fairs, carnivals, boardwalks, and other types of outdoor entertainment venues. However, while we all may have that affinity in common, we must admit that there are many different types of theme park attendees—from those who desire to ride every single ride no matter how long the line, to those who are just there for the food.

Which type are you?

Choose your signature theme park personality from the list below to be matched up to a delicious summer recipe on Martin’s Famous Potato Rolls & Bread!



Your Theme Park Personality

Select the option that most fits your level of engagement when attending an amusement park:

  1. I jump from one roller coaster or extreme ride to the next.
  2. I mostly stand around watching others ride the rides.
  3. I scope out all the best food at the concession stands.
  4. I mostly chaperone the younger kids in my group and accompany them on rides.
  5. I head straight for the water park/rides and spend the whole day there.


*          *          *


1.      The Thrill Seeker – Jalapeno Popper Burger

Jalapeno Popper Burger

So…you’re a bit of a daredevil, right? You enjoy anything that screams “danger!” orexcitement!” and you’ll stop at nothing until you’ve reached your limit. You love thrill rides of all kinds, but especially those with steep climbs, rocket-fast drops, and as many loop-de-loops and sharp turns as possible. You’re in your element here.

Your perfect recipe is: The Jalapeño Popper Burger on Martin’s Big Marty’s Rolls

A thrill-seeker like you deserves a firecracker of a recipe! Look no further than this jalapeño-infused ½-lb. burger, seasoned with chili powder, and stuffed with a molten lava cheese explosion at the center. Savory, spicy, and made even better with bacon, tomato, and sliced avocado. You’re welcome!

Try this recipe:

Jalapeno Popper Burger


*          *          *


2.      The Patient Purse Watcher – The State Fair Sub

The State Fair Sub

In contrast to our thrill-seeker type, you’re content to sit on the sidelines and watch others have fun. You’re not much of an adventurer, so you often volunteer to be the honorary bag-holder and bystander/observer. Besides, someone’s got to do it, right? As an added bonus, you’re often the one keeping everyone on schedule and making sure you’re checking off all the items on your theme park bucket list. Your expert planning and researching of all the best tips ensures that everyone has the best time possible.

Your perfect recipe is: The State Fair Sub on Martin’s Hoagie Rolls

You always have a trick up your sleeve (or in your bag) and you’re always thinking several steps ahead. For example, you tend to make sure that everyone stays well-fed and hydrated, especially when you’re spending a full day outdoors.

That’s why a classic Italian Hoagie on Martin’s Hoagie Rolls filled with various deli meats, cheeses, veggies, and homemade Submarine Dressing is right up your alley! Plus—you can prepare it in advance, store it right back in the bread package, and pack it in your bag for later in the day. (Just make sure to abide by any park rules.)

Try this recipe:


*          *          *


3.      The Concessions Connoisseur – Funnel Cake Burger

Funnel Cake Burger

The rides may be fun and all, but you’re most excited for all of the delicious food you get to try when going to a fair or theme park. You like to scope out all the best food spots and concession stands ahead of time and make sure to keep a running list of all your favorite fare. After all, it’s not every day you get to enjoy treats like ice cream, funnel cake, corn dogs, or movie and TV character-inspired delicacies. Why not make the most of it?

Your perfect recipe is: The Funnel Cake Burger on Martin’s Sandwich Potato Rolls

For a foodie such as yourself, we think you’ll love this surprising two-in-one meal. One delicious powdered sugar-dusted homemade funnel cake, sandwiched between two ¼-lb. burger patties, and served on Martin’s Sandwich Potato Rolls along with cheddar cheese and bacon jam. Dig in! (P.S., Find more Indulgent Eats here.)

Try this recipe:

Funnel Cake Burger


*          *          *


4.      The Along-for-the-Ride Parent – Cheese Curd Hot Dog

Cheese Curd Hot Dog

In your everyday life, you may be a responsible adult, but here at your favorite theme park, you’re really just a kid at heart. You happily agree to chaperone the little ones and accompany them on their favorite kiddie rides because it gives you the chance to reminisce and relive your old childhood favorites. Not to mention…you also find great joy in watching them experience memory-making firsts with their exuberant smiles and wide-eyed amazement.

Your perfect recipe is: The Cheese Curd Hot Dog on Martin’s Long Potato Rolls

You try not to take yourself too seriously. Theme parks are for having fun and that’s what you intend to do. Your kid-like nature often makes you crave classic street foods like hot dogs, pizza, and deep-fried snacks. Create your own custom combo with this cheese curd-topped hot dog served on Martin’s Long Potato Rolls, alongside nacho cheese and marinara sauce for dipping!

Try this recipe:

Cheese Curd Hot Dog


*          *          *


5.      The Wet-and-Wild Voyager – Tropical Fish Taco Boats

Tropical Fish Taco Boats

Whether it’s soaring down the tallest water slide, floating gently along the river, or splashing around on the beach, you believe that summer is best spent near the water. You need something to cool you off on these hot days, and plus—vacation should be relaxing and refreshing.

Your perfect recipe is: Tropical Fish Taco Boats on Martin’s Slider Potato Rolls

The tropical theme of this recipe suits you well. Enjoy a mini island getaway with these chili-seasoned grilled tilapia fillets served on Martin’s Slider Potato Roll boats and topped with tropical fruit salsa, shredded cabbage, lime juice, and fresh avocado.

Try this recipe:

Tropical Fish Taco Boats


*          *          *


Bonus: Kids Loving Life – Exploding Milkshakes!

Exploding Milkshakes

Enough about grown-ups; what about the kids? There’s nothing quite like a young child experiencing an amusement park for the very first time. Surrounded on every side by their favorite characters, colorful scenery, decadent treats, and one excitement after another, their joy almost cannot be contained! Oh—to be a kid again!

Your perfect recipe is: Exploding Milkshakes with Martin’s Swirl Bread & Sweet Party Potato Rolls

For kids of all ages: enjoy these decadent ice cream shakes decorated with hot fudge, vanilla icing, hazelnut spread, and accents of graham cracker crumbs, rainbow sprinkles, and caramel syrup, and garnished with a variety of mini desserts!

Try these recipes:

Vanilla Sprinkles Exploding Milkshake




Martin’s Summer Fun Season

This summer, Martin’s is giving you the chance to win a Universal Parks & Resorts vacation! Head on over to and enter for a chance to win a trip for four to either Universal Studios Hollywood or Universal Orlando Resort! Martin’s will be awarding a winner in May, June, and July!


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