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14 Ways to Elevate Your Sandwich

September 27, 2021
4 min. read

Steak Sandwich with Whipped Goats Cheese Butter

When you think about sandwiches, what comes to your mind? Are you picturing your child’s PB&J? A plain ham and cheese? Or maybe your weekly tuna salad desk lunch? While there’s nothing wrong with these simple sandwiches, we’re here to show you some ways to elevate your sandwich status from ordinary to gourmet.

Gourmet sandwiches come in all shapes and sizes—and thankfully, so do Martin’s rolls and breads! Whether it’s a loaded steak sandwich on our seeded Big Marty’s Rolls or a piled-high club on our classic Potato Bread, the options are never-ending.

Let’s upgrade your breakfast, lunch, or dinner routine with this list of 14 Gourmet Sandwich Ideas!


1.     Antipasto Sandwich with Homemade Pesto

Antipasto Sandwich with Lemon Basil Pesto

This is not your ordinary sub. In this upscale charcuterie-board-turned-sandwich, we layered slices of salami, prosciutto, provolone, and fresh mozzarella alongside your favorite antipasto ingredients like pickled hot peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, and marinated artichokes—plus a smear of homemade basil-lemon pesto—to create a cold-cut like never before!

Featured Product: Martin’s Hoagie Rolls

Their sturdy structure makes them able to withstand the heaviest toppings while their plush texture keeps them easily manageable for whatever size sandwich or sub you’re craving!


2.     Marinated Steak Sandwich with Goat Cheese Butter

Steak Sandwich with Whipped Goats Cheese Butter

Don’t think sandwiches are just reserved for lunchtime! Hearty sandwiches can make good, fulfilling dinners—like this savory garlic-and-rosemary seasoned steak sandwich, topped with balsamic mushrooms and onions, and served on our equally hearty Big Marty’s Rolls, spread with whipped goat cheese.

Featured Product: Martin’s Big Marty’s Rolls

This large, sesame-seeded white roll is a favorite among many Martin’s fans because of its size and added “crunch” element. Try them toasted and buttered or filled with your favorite burger, BBQ, or gourmet sandwich fillings!


3.     Tuscan Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

This colorful and flavorful sandwich is a creative way to serve another classic dinnertime option—pork tenderloin! To build this beauty: stack herb-seasoned, grilled tenderloin slices onto toasted Martin’s Sandwich Potato Rolls over a bed of arugula, then add roasted red peppers, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil.

Featured Product: Sandwich Potato Rolls

This beloved bun is the #1 potato roll in the United States—and it’s no wonder! Chefs and restaurants around the world have chosen it as their go-to bun for burgers, barbecue, and more. So you can be sure that including it in your meals is a simple (and delicious) way to “upgrade” your sandwich to the next level.


4.     Roast Beef and Caramelized Onion Sliders

This simple yet fancy sandwich will take your next dinner party to “premier” status. With a pairing of thinly sliced roast beef and horseradish mayonnaise, and the accompaniments of caramelized onions, sliced cornichons, and watercress, these sliders are dressed to impress!

Featured Product: Martin’s Slider Potato Rolls

This slider-sized version of our classic Sandwich Rolls is perfect for smaller sandwiches (or multiple servings, if you’re hungry). Their sweet buttery taste and pillowy texture makes them a great vessel for mini burgers, stacked sandwiches, and oven-baked pull-apart sliders.


5.     Rosemary Goat Cheese, Ham, Apple, and Honey Sandwich

Your average ham and cheese just got an upgrade! First, swap the thin-cut deli meat for some thickly sliced honey ham reminiscent of your last holiday roast. Next, replace your plain ol’ Swiss or provolone for something fancy like herbed goat cheese fresh from the block. Then, finish off your sandwich with lightly toasted Butter Bread, fresh apple slices, a drizzle of honey, arugula, and a spritz of lemon juice, and you have yourself one gourmet sandwich indeed.

Bonus: More Gourmet Sandwiches on Martin’s Butter Bread

Find more “grown up” sandwich recipes using Butter Bread on our blog. From the Chicken and Marinated Zucchini Sandwich to the Deluxe Turkey & Havarti Club, you’ll find options for the whole family!


6.     Croque Monsieur

Croque Monsieur

Want to know another easy tip for preparing fancy meals? Use inspiration from French cuisine! Take this French variation on grilled cheese, for instance: made with sliced ham, shredded gruyere cheese, and Dijon mustard, the sandwich is then topped with a classic French béchamel sauce (a mixture of flour, butter, and milk) for a formal and decadent finish. Whether you enjoy it for breakfast, brunch, or dinner, you may never go back to ordinary sandwiches again!

Pro Tip: Ultimate Guide to Sandwiches

Find 30 more classic sandwich ideas, including two variations on the Croque Monsieur (the Croque Madame and the Monte Cristo) in our Sandwich Month blog!


7.     Bistro Flank Steak Sandwich

You can’t get much more gourmet than by choosing steak for your choice sandwich protein. This premium sandwich includes grilled flank steak, freshly roasted garlic mayo, grilled bell peppers, and mixed greens, all atop grill-toasted Martin’s 100% Whole Wheat Potato Bread.

Featured Product: Martin’s 100% Whole Wheat Potato Bread

Pack some whole grains into your day with our whole wheat option! It’s perfect for those hearty, protein-packed sandwiches or as an added energy boost to get you through your daily routine. The best part? This bread’s smooth texture and signature flavor lets even the pickiest eaters enjoy a taste!


8.     Pork Banh Mi

Another way to liven up your sandwiches is to give them an international flair. This Vietnamese-inspired sandwich uses lemongrass-marinated, grilled pork shoulder steaks along with pickled carrots and daikon radish, cilantro, and mayonnaise atop our classic Hoagie Rolls. With such depth and complexity of flavors, the banh mi adds a nice fine-dining experience to your dinner menu.

Bonus: Hoagie Homegating Recipes

Try these other creative hoagie ideas, perfect for game day tailgating from home, or just dinner with the family! From pizza subs to pork teriyaki and chicken parm, there’s something for everyone!


9.     Chicken Cacciatore Sandwich

Chicken Cacciatore

Your favorite Italian night recipes can make for delicious and inspiring sandwich creations, too! Consider this chicken cacciatore: braised chicken thighs cooked with onions, garlic, peppers, stewed tomatoes, and burgundy cooking wine, served on Martin’s Big Marty’s Rolls topped with cheese and seasoned with oregano.

Bonus: Italian Night Recipes

Find this recipe and others like it on our Italian Night blog!


10.   Blackened Fish Sandwich

Blackened Fish Sandwich with Spicy Mayo

Seafood has a way of elevating a dish to a higher level of class. Swap the burger or chicken breast for a blackened-seasoned baked fish fillet in this tasty restaurant-worthy sandwich, served on Martin’s Sandwich Potato Rolls along with arugula, shredded purple cabbage, and sriracha-mayo.

Bonus: Top 10 Sandwich Roll Recipes

Find this recipe in our top ten countdown for our most popular recipes using Martin’s Sandwich Potato Rolls! What other gourmet options can you find on this list?


11.   Smoked Salmon & Veggie Sliders

For a midday meal or post-workout snack you’ll actually get excited about, try incorporating premium ingredients like smoked salmon or lox, lemon-dill cream cheese and fresh veggies like cucumber, red pepper, and arugula. Martin’s Slider Potato Rolls are the perfect size for these protein-packed bites.

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Looking for ways to include more health benefits into your sandwiches? Check out our list of 16 essential nutrients to help fuel your body, plus some more recipe inspiration like the one above!


12.   Chicken Piccata Sandwich

Open Faced Chicken Piccata

Open-faced sandwiches are a creative and artistic way of serving up your favorite meals. Here, restaurant-style chicken piccata (breaded chicken cutlets, pan-fried and topped with a lemon-butter-caper sauce) is served atop garlicky, toasted Butter Bread with arugula, apples, shaved shallots, and fresh parmesan cheese.

Featured Product: Martin’s Old-Fashioned Real Butter Bread

Martin’s Butter Bread makes the perfect base for this unique sandwich. With its savory butter taste and “old-fashioned” appeal, it’s a top choice for everything from French toast to grilled cheese.


13.   Chipotle Chicken Club

Spice up your weekly chicken salad with some chopped chipotle chilies, using shredded rotisserie chicken and mayo, garlic, lemon, and cilantro for added flavor. Then, for bonus points, turn it into a double decker club by using three slices of potato bread. For finishing touches, layer in some quality ingredients like thick-cut crispy bacon, arugula, and freshly sliced avocado.

Featured Product: Martin’s Potato Bread

Our classic Potato Bread has been a family staple for decades, and for good reason! Its sweet, buttery flavor and soft texture makes it ideal for breakfast sandwiches, school lunches, and even restaurant menus!


14.   Roast Beef Sandwich with Herbed Goat Cheese

Another simple hack to building better sandwiches is to include flavorful spreads and sauces. From herby dressings to tangy drizzles, sauces are an effortless way of adding more flavor and textural elements. This roast beef sandwich on Martin’s Whole Wheat Potato Bread uses a homemade goat cheese and herb spread, along with sliced radishes and sprouts, to infuse contrasting flavors and textures and create a more rewarding meal.

Pro Tip: 15 Creative Sandwich Spreads

Turn your lunch from boring to extraordinary by integrating a homemade sandwich spread! Find more “sauced” sandwiches like the one above in this blog post filled with recipe ideas for all types of sauces, spreads, dips, and dressings.


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