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Make it Mini | 10 Holiday Appetizer Ideas

by Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc.

‘Tis the season – for festive holiday gatherings with friends and family. Whether hosting or just attending, start off the party right with miniature versions of your favorite comfort foods – from crab cakes to pecan pie!

Small bite appetizers make perfect pre-meal snacks because they are relatively easy to prepare and they require minimal utensils since they are mostly handhelds. And because of their size, each recipe serves a large number of people and allows your guests to try a variety of different items.

Explore our list of mini appetizer recipes below and discover some creative ways to use Martin’s Potato Rolls and Bread – from breadcrumb crust, to muffin tin bread cups, to our appropriately named miniature Party Potato Rolls.

Mini Appetizer Ideas

Parmesan Crab Cake Bites

The bite-sized apps are perfect for all your holiday parties. Plus – they look fancy, but are quick and easy to prepare. Simply mix together fresh lump crab meat with cream cheese, parmesan, and a few other condiments and seasonings; then scoop into parmesan-breadcrumb crusts in a mini muffin tin; and bake. In no time, you’ll have perfect little snacks to enjoy with your family and friends.

mini crab cake bites

Fried Stuffing Balls

This deep fried version of our favorite stuffing recipe makes the perfect portable holiday appetizer! Just cook up some crumbled sausage, coat them in your prepared stuffing, roll in flour, and fry in a bit of canola oil. Then garnish with your favorite seasonal herbs, and serve to your guests!

fried sausage stuffing balls

Turkey Cherry Mini Sandwiches

These mini slider sandwiches are perfect for a light snack or quick party hors d’oeuvres. Fill sliced Martin’s Party Potato Rolls with deli-style smoked turkey, cherry preserves, red-leaf lettuce, and a bleu cheese-mayo-bacon spread.

turkey and cherry mini sandwiches

Pecan Pie Bites

Forget the pesky pie crust – use Martin’s Potato Bread and a mini muffin tin to create these cute individual sized portions of a favorite holiday dessert! Each bread cup is filled with pecan pie filling (chopped pecans, sugar, butter, vanilla, eggs, etc.) and baked in the oven until golden-brown.

mini pecan pie bites

More Snacks & Apps

Mini Shrimp Rolls

mini shrimp rolls

Mini Muffulettas

Mini Muffulettas

Savory Cheesy Bread

Savory Cheesy Bread

Ricotta Honey Bruschetta

Ricotta and Honey Bruschetta

Slow Cooker Pizza Dip

Pizza Dip

Mini Meatball Sliders

Mini Meatball Slider

Find more at: http://potatorolls.com/recipes/?re_category=snacks-apps

Have a favorite holiday recipe you’d love to share?

Make sure to check out our Holiday Cookbook Contest and submit your recipe for a chance to win the Ultimate Holiday Host/Hostess Prize Pack! Your recipe could also be chosen to appear in our More Than a Meal: Holiday Cookbook.


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