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Discover Your Cozy Style with Martin’s Swirl Breads

October 3, 2022
6 min. read

We’ve deemed October “Swirl Bread Season” here at Martin’s. Something about the cinnamon-y sweet goodness of our four Swirl Bread flavors just fits in perfectly with this time of year. Maybe it’s the association with seasonal favorites like pumpkin spice and apple crisp; or it could be the warm comfort of pairing them with a nice fall beverage. Either way, each pack of Martin’s Swirl Bread makes us want to cozy up with our favorite blanket and autumn activity and settle in for the special season ahead.

The only question is…which Swirl Bread to choose? If you’re caught in this same dilemma, take our custom quiz below to discover your cozy personality style and accompanying Swirl Bread companion!

(Bonus: learn about a special, limited-time promotion for Martin’s Swirl Breads at the bottom of this blog post.)

*Note: Martin’s Cinnamon-Raisin Butter Bread has been discontinued. We recommend substituting this product with Martin’s Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Potato Bread, or with one of our other Swirl Bread products.


Which Martin’s Swirl Bread Are You?

This fun personality quiz will help you find out your ultimate “cozy style” and learn which of our four Martin’s Swirl Breads is your perfect match!

1.      Pick Your Go-to Autumn Locale:

  1. An orchard or harvest festival with the “little ones”
  2. Somewhere scenic
  3. The local downtown area
  4. My own home

2.      Pick Your Most-Loved Cozy Attire:

  1. An apron and house shoes
  2. A puffy coat and hiking boots
  3. A bathrobe and fuzzy socks
  4. An over-sized sweater and slippers

3.      Pick Your Must-Have Comfort Item:

  1. Good company
  2. A mug or thermos
  3. A good book or movie
  4. A crossword puzzle

4.      Pick Your Favorite Room In Your House:

  1. My Kitchen
  2. My Porch or Patio
  3. My Bedroom
  4. My Living Room

5.      Pick Your Top Fall Activity:

  1. Hosting family and friends
  2. Sitting around the campfire
  3. Shopping for seasonal décor
  4. Relaxing by the fireplace


How to calculate your score:
  • Total up your counts for each letter, a – d.
  • If you scored 3 or more for any single letter…


  • If you scored 2 for any one letter and 1 for the remaining three letters:

Congratulations! This letter best matches your cozy personality style. Scroll down to see which Martin’s Swirl Bread is assigned to this letter.

  • If you scored 2 for two different letters (a tie):

You’re in luck! You’ve been matched to not just one, but two, cozy personality styles. Scroll down to see which Martin’s Swirl Breads are your best match. (Hint: you may just have to try both so you can pick your favorite!)


A.      Martin’s Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Potato Bread

Your Cozy Style:

You focus on the family. You love to entertain others and work hard to make your home an inviting place for all. You show care for others by cooking up delicious meals and baking all types of desserts for everyone to enjoy. Your happy place is surrounded by food and friends. You believe food brings people together and is best enjoyed when gathered together at the table amidst love and laughter.

About Martin’s Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Potato Bread:

Our original flavor of Swirls, this bread has been part of Martin’s family of products since 2013. Its effortless style and general likeability makes it perfect for use in all kinds of unique recipes. The idyllic swirls of cinnamon, along with sweet juicy raisins, makes this a bread the whole family can enjoy!

Learn more at:

Featured Recipe:

Caramel Apple French Toast

Pull out all the stops this fall (or save it for the upcoming holiday season) and treat your loved ones to an indulgent, over-the-top, stuffed French toast! You can’t go wrong with ingredients like cinnamon, pumpkin pie-spiced cream cheese, caramelized apples, and maple-caramel syrup. (That just about covers of all the trending fall flavors…) Whip this up one sleepy Sunday and your family will surely thank you.

Give it a try:


B.      Martin’s Cinnamon-Sugar Swirl Potato Bread

Cinnamon Sugar Swirl Bread Treats

Your Cozy Style:

You love the outdoors. You’re an adventure-seeker at heart and prefer to spend time in nature whenever possible. When you’re not travelling, you enjoy such pastimes as stargazing on a hillside, walking along a scenic wooded path through the color-changing leaves, or sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows and chatting with friends.

About Martin’s Cinnamon-Sugar Swirl Potato Bread:

Simple and straightforward, our ruby-red packaged Swirl Bread is just what it seems. With elegant swirls of cinnamon and sugar, it’s perfect for snacking right out of the bag, or enjoying lightly toasted with a hint of butter. For an on-the-go idea, check out our featured recipe!

Learn more at:

Featured Recipe:

Cinnamon Sugar Swirl Bread Treats

Tame your wandering hunger with this simple grab-and-go snack. Cut up strips of Martin’s Cinnamon-Sugar Swirl Potato Bread, toss with melted butter and cinnamon-sugar, then bake in the oven for 10 minutes until lightly toasted. Pack them in a paper bag or lunchbox and enjoy with a thermos of hot apple cider on your next outdoor adventure!

Give it a try:

Cinnamon Sugar Swirl Bread Treats


C.      Martin’s Maple Brown Sugar Swirl Potato Bread

Your Cozy Style:

You cherish your hometown with its quaint shops and friendly faces, just like you welcome the fall season and the familiar comfort it brings. You enjoy decorating your house for every occasion and love to shop for seasonal goods and apparel. When you’re not out and about, however, you respect your “down” time and make an effort to pamper yourself every now and then.

About Martin’s Maple Brown Sugar Swirl Potato Bread:

The epitome of comfort. With each whorl and twirl of brown sugary goodness and every burst of maple flavor, this sophisticated breakfast bread will have you in a dreamlike trance until the very last bite. The thick slices are perfect for a midday snack or a hearty breakfast in bed (see below).

Learn more at:

Featured Recipe:

Griddled Maple Breakfast Sandwich

This hearty breakfast sandwich is a convenient and carefree way to feed your whole family, whether it be one person or a house-full. To prepare: just fry up your favorite breakfast meat such as sausage, ham, or bacon, cook one or two batches of whole-egg omelets, then stack your ingredients (along with a slice of cheese) in between two slices of Maple Brown Sugar Swirl Potato Bread; serve (or be served) and enjoy!

Give it a try:


D.     Martin’s Cinnamon-Raisin Butter Bread*

Your Cozy Style:

You’re a homebody. You have a certain routine and don’t like to stray too far from it. Some may call you nostalgic, or even “old-fashioned,” but during this time of year, you can’t help but reminisce on precious family memories and cherished moments of years gone by. A peaceful day to you looks like cozying up on the couch with a crossword puzzle or a good book.

About Martin’s Cinnamon-Raisin Butter Bread:*

As its duo-toned packaging might suggest, our fourth Swirl Bread is a cross between two extremes. Sweet and savory. New and old. Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl meets Martin’s Old-Fashioned Real Butter Bread. The classic swirl of cinnamon and sweet dots of raisins combined with a traditional white-dough base makes a pristine canvas for all your culinary masterpieces.

*Note: Martin’s Cinnamon-Raisin Butter Bread has been discontinued. We recommend substituting this product with Martin’s Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Potato Bread, or with one of our other Swirl Bread products.

Featured Recipe:

Whipped Cinnamon Pumpkin Honey Butter

Flavored with pumpkin puree and notes of honey, vanilla, and cinnamon, this homemade compound butter is the perfect way to incorporate a taste of fall into your recipe rotation. Simply beat together the ingredients, using a stand mixer, until thick and airy. Enjoy on plain or toasted Cinnamon-Raisin Butter Bread Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Potato Bread.

Give it a try:

Whipped Cinnamon Pumpkin Honey Butter Whipped Cinnamon Pumpkin Honey Butter


Swirl Into Something Sweet

Ready for a sweet surprise?

Pick up a pack of Martin’s Swirl Bread today for a special limited-time offer! Find your nearest grocery store location at

Plus—Find a month’s worth of Swirl Bread Inspiration at the links below!



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