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8 Stuffing Recipes Perfect for Thanksgiving

by Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc.

Whether you bake it inside your turkey or in a separate casserole dish, we can all agree that stuffing (or dressing) is one of the best parts of Thanksgiving! Here are 8 family dinner-worthy stuffing recipes, from traditional to contemporary and even a few unique variations!

Butternut Squash Cranberry Thanksgiving Stuffing Casserole

Butternut Squash Cranberry Thanksgiving Stuffing Casserole

Blogger Kate, from Babaganosh blog, partnered with Martin’s to create this delicious stuffing casserole recipe, stuffed with a bit of sweet (a quick fresh cranberry sauce), a bit of savory (some fresh veggies, seasonal herbs, and chicken stock), and a whole lot of butternut squash! She says our Potatobred Stuffing is “perfect for this recipe because the bread cubes are nice and soft, and they smell like freshly baked buttery bread.”

Recipe: http://www.babaganosh.org/butternut-squash-cranberry-thanksgiving-stuffing-casserole

Cheddar Herb Stuffing

Cheddar Herb Stuffing

Tastes of Lizzy T, a mother-daughters blogging team, created this savory stuffing recipe using Martin’s Potatobred Stuffing. “These little bread cubes are so delicious, I had a hard time keeping the kids out of them so I had enough to cook with!” A contemporary take on traditional stuffing, it includes herbs like dill and chives, plus a blanket of sharp cheddar cheese that melts over everything as it bakes.

Recipe: https://www.tastesoflizzyt.com/cheddar-herb-stuffing

Mrs. Martin’s Famous Stuffing


This classic stuffing recipe is a favorite of the Martin family! It incorporates your traditional flavors of onion, celery, sage, and thyme with Martin’s Soft Cubed Potatobred Stuffing. You can also mix it up with some of the suggested variations, by adding ingredients such as mushrooms, leeks, or chicken broth. Tip: This recipe can also be found on the back of your package of Martin’s Famous Potatobred Stuffing!

Recipe: https://potatorolls.com/recipes/mrs-martins-famous-stuffing

Apple Cranberry Stuffing


‘Tis the season. Make the most of the season’s fresh fruit by adding a sweet and tart combo of apples and cranberries to your stuffing dish. With the addition of classic stuffing herbs like sage and thyme, simply preparing this aromatic recipe will get you in the holiday spirit!

Recipe: https://potatorolls.com/recipes/apple-cranberry-stuffing

Southern Fried Stuffing Balls

Southern Fried Stuffing Balls

Ever tried deep frying your favorite stuffing recipe? It makes the perfect portable appetizer to serve at your holiday party or family gathering! This recipe combines crumbled sausage, prepared stuffing, and some seasonal herbs. The mixture is then rolled into little balls, rolled in flour, and fried in a bit of oil.

Recipe: https://potatorolls.com/recipes/fried-stuffing-balls

Chestnut Cranberry Leek Stuffing

Chestnut Cranberry and Leek Stuffing

Get in the holiday mood with this seasonal stuffing recipe, perfect for all of your family gatherings. This dish is nutty, sweet, savory, and comforting—hitting all the best flavor profiles (and giving everyone a reason to love it).

Recipe: https://potatorolls.com/recipes/chestnut-cranberry-leek-stuffing

Hamburger Stuffing


Burgers for Thanksgiving? Switch up your menu with this fun twist that integrates Schweid & Sons Ground Beef, Spanish onions, beef broth, garlic, sage, and pepper. It’s then mixed together with Martin’s Sandwich Potato Rolls (in typical burger fashion) to achieve the perfect stuffing consistency.

Recipe: https://potatorolls.com/recipes/hamburger-stuffing

Step-by-Step How-to: https://potatorolls.com/blog/hamburger-stuffing-recipe

Thanksgiving Casserole


Bake your leftovers into a delicious casserole (or simplify Thanksgiving dinner with an all-in-one dish)! Combine prepared stuffing and turkey with veggies and cranberries; then coat your casserole in a quick batter and top with butter and chopped pecans before baking. Enjoy!

Recipe: https://potatorolls.com/recipes/thanksgiving-casserole

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