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Resolution Champions: The Finale

March 4, 2015
1 min. read

Resolution Update: The Conventionalist and The Counter

This past Monday, The Conventionalist and The Counter wrapped up their weight-loss competition. While neither of them will be winning the competition, they did learn a lot along the way and are determined to keep up their weight-loss efforts.

Resolution Update: Katie

We will be checking in one last time with Katie after the Broad Street Run in May.

YOUR Resolution!

We encourage you to keep up with your resolutions as well! Even if you’ve laxed off, you don’t need a milestone like New Year’s to restart or start up a new goal!

Remember, we’d love to hear about your goal! From now until Friday, March 6, 2015 at Noon (EST), you can enter for the chance to win CASH just for sharing about your resolution journey! For more details and to enter go here

Need more encouragement to keep up with your goal? Scan back through our past stories from our own Resolution Champions to see some tips and tricks (and a few shortcomings as well)!

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