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Resolution Champions: Prevention

February 11, 2015
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According to Dr. Mike Evans, the founder of the Health Design Lab at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute and a professor at the University of Toronto, exercise has “been shown to reduce symptoms in knee arthritis patients by 47 percent, dementia and Alzheimer’s by 50 percent, diabetes by 58 percent, anxiety by 48 percent, and depression by 30 percent. It’s the number one treatment for fatigue, too.”

For a fun video explaining this, check out: Exercise As Medicine: 30 Minutes Of Physical Activity Is The Best Single Thing You Can Do For Your Health

This week we have a special guest blogger who is experiencing the power of prevention exercises first-hand.

Guest Blogger: Terry

Several weeks ago I began to have issues with my knee. I went to see my doctor and was given a shot of cortisone. It was suggested that I do some strengthening exercises, so I could possibly avoid any further issues. I followed up that appointment with a discussion with our Wellness Coach, Jeremy. He gave me several exercises to do that would strengthen the muscles around my knee. The only problem was that the exercises involved equipment found at a gym! So we took our discussion a little further and looked at exercises that were geared toward getting my whole body in shape! Fast forward to the present and I have my first gym membership in about 20 years. I’m not only doing exercises that will help my knee, but also my back, my heart, and everything else that hurts! Changing my diet and exercise habits are two of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made!

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