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Resolution Champions: Battling Failure

February 18, 2015
2 min. read

All of our Resolution Champions have been experiencing some mid-goal slumps in the past two weeks.

Update on Katie:

So, in my last post I mentioned how I had gotten sick. It turns out I had the flu. I have never had the flu (or a flu shot) in my entire life…which I am now incredibly thankful for. I ended up out of commission and quarantined in my bedroom for two and half days. Thankfully my boyfriend was bringing me Gatorade and crackers; however, he had a cold at the time. We ended up swapping diseases so the next week he had a mild case of the flu and I had his cold. Needless to say both illnesses left me rather weak and have set me back quite a bit. The Saturday following the flu, I attempted to run just a test mile, which was a huge struggle. Then the week of the cold, I attempted to run one night and do my strength-training workout another, both of which left me feeling utterly exhausted.
Despite these two weeks of setbacks, this week I am determined to “get back on the horse” as they say. I did my strength training workout Monday night and felt good after it for the first time in two weeks. I hope to resume my full workout schedule this week. Time is flying by; only 11 weeks until the race!

Update on “The Conventionalist” and “The Counter”:

Weight loss is hard, especially when faced with family get-togethers, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and trips…all of which tend to revolve around good food (and lots of it)! Both of our weight-loss Resolution Champions are struggling with these temptations.

Do you find yourself in the same boat?

Both “The Conventionalist” and “The Counter” know they need to adjust their focus, take their larger goal of winning a weight-loss competition and divide it into smaller sub-goals over a shorter period of time. “The Conventionalist” has set a goal to make it into the gym more times this week than the previous weeks. “The Counter” has decided to add some exercise into her routine, instead of just counting points.

Are you struggling with a goal you’ve set for yourself? What do you do in order to get motivated again? Let us know on our social media sites.

Do you still remember your New Year’s Resolution? How has it been going for you? Whether you are meeting your goals or hitting some roadblocks like some of our Champions mentioned above, be sure to let us know! Visit and submit the form for a chance to win a cash prize!

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