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Resolution Champions: Katie’s Strategy

February 4, 2015
3 min. read
country_road“I felt like I was trekking up Mt. Everest”

Four Miles!

I’m struggling to sit here and type this update because of how stiff I am from my four-mile run yesterday! Despite my aching body, I am quite proud of myself. It is pretty cool to be able to say I ran the farthest I’ve ever run in my entire life. I like the feeling of doing things I’ve never done, so any new experience is quite the morale boost for me. It’s even better that this new experience is helping me become a better me!

When I set out for my run I decided to keep things simple and run out on a country road off the back of my development for two miles and then just turn around and come back. I thought I had a concept of what this “country road” was like, as I had driven on it once or twice. Let’s just say running it was another story. Just a tip for newbie runners like me…check the elevations of new running routes, before you run them. Things started out okay, but mid-run I literally felt like I was trekking up Mt. Everest. My country road was far from flat. While I felt like I was dying at the time, the route actually lent itself to some absolutely breath-taking (…literally) views of my snow-covered town and was a great workout. I was super excited to share the success of my new experience with my boyfriend.

Workout Buddy

Back in our previous blog post we talked about the importance of having a close friend or loved one help you along with your resolution. The super convenient thing about having a boyfriend, is convincing him to do things with you. I convinced my boyfriend, Cory, to be my resolution buddy and run the Broad Street Run with me.

Now, he does have a bit of an advantage over me having played soccer, run track, and swam for many years. So needless to say, he can outrun me; however, I consider myself a very competitive person so essentially I have someone to “catch.” When we run together he always sets the pace slightly in front of me so I have to push myself to keep up.  He helps keep me accountable, and actually doing my workouts, he is always there to listen to details of all my workouts and runs when I want to share, and he genuinely wants to help me do my best.

Measuring My Progress

I always like to measure my progress to see how far I have actually come. Before I started my current workout routine I actually weighed in and did full body measurements. It’s been a full month since then so last night I planned on checking my progress; however, I ended up with either food poisoning or the flu so I wasn’t able to. On my next update, we’ll see if being sick impacts my workout schedule.

One month down, three months to go! Do you have an event you’re counting down to? How about a workout buddy? Or a goal you are tracking? Share with us!

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