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Resolution Champions: Overcoming Setbacks

January 28, 2015
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Statistically speaking, almost half of us who made a New Year’s Resolution have probably thrown in the towel by now1. But why? You probably had a moment of weakness and allowed yourself that piece of cake, or maybe you convinced yourself that you didn’t need to go to the gym because you’re too busy, or maybe you’ve suffered some aches and pains from working out. Did this small misstep cause you to fall off the wagon completely? This blog post focuses on these setback weeks, weeks where you struggle to keep up with your diet and exercise routines. Both of our competing weight-loss Resolution Champions, “The Counter” and “The Conventionalist” experienced these. (If you missed their first blog post, be sure to check it out here).

Setback – Injury

injury_setbackOver the past two weeks, “The Conventionalist” has struggled with an injury that prevents her from her usual workout routine. Instead of just not exercising at all, she found several ways to stay active. The first week after her injury she made it into the gym five out of seven nights during the week to do the elliptical (a great low-impact exercise machine)!

The second week after her injury “The Conventionalist” was hoping to get in some stair workouts. These consist of mixing going up and down the stairs a few times quickly with stair pushups and lunges. When she wasn’t able to stick to this normal routine, she walked every day and incorporated some fun activities like throwing a football.

You can find something that works too! If you’re struggling with a certain injured body part, find new activities that focus on others.

Setback – Busy Schedule

Sometimes we have crazy weeks where we can’t stick to our normal routines or don’t have time to dedicate to our resolutions. In addition to injury, “The Conventionalist” also has been struggling with a busy schedule; however, she still found ways to stay active. By doing simple things like some pushups on the counter while waiting for her food to finish cooking, or calf lifts when reaching for something in a high cupboard, she was easily able to incorporate some added healthy movement to her day.

Here are some other ideas for weaving fitness into your daily life:

  • Take the stairs
  • Park as far from the door as possible
  • Clean your home regularly
  • Put two-pound weights next to your easy chair to do lifting while you watch TV
  • Walk up and down the soccer field during your child’s game
  • When you unload groceries, lift the milk carton a few times before putting it away
  • While you’re waiting in a line, balance on one foot

For more ideas like these, check out the links below:

Dieting on the go can also be challenging. It’s easy to develop bad eating tendencies like grabbing a soda out of the vending machine or swinging through the drive-through between errands. Be proactive against this! Pack water and healthy snacks like almonds, raisins and Martin’s Whole Wheat Potato Bread to avoid these temptations.

Setback – Restaurant

“Well it’s all over now…might

as well eat half a cheesecake.”

“The Counter” recently spent a lot of time catching up with friends and family. Because of this, she ended up eating out a few times since the last post. Restaurants and family meals can be the downfall of many a New Year’s Resolution. When the table gets that greasy, fat-laden appetizer it can be really challenging not to indulge. Some people have the tendency to give up altogether once they eat that high-calorie, high-fat meal. It’s important to remember that there are going to be times when you eat foods that are higher in calories and fats. This doesn’t mean you should give up completely! Get back on track the next day. Just because you splurge one day doesn’t mean all is lost!

Eat Smarter at Restaurants

Here are some tips and tricks for eating smarter at restaurants:

  • Ask for a box to come out with your meal. As soon as you get your food, place one half of the meal in the box to save for another day.
  • Ask for it your way – (e.g. If it’s fried don’t be shy about asking to have it grilled)
  • Check the menu before you leave home
  • Drink water throughout the meal – this will help slow you down , allowing your brain to register when you are full, which will help prevent overeating

Have you experienced any setbacks in keeping with your resolution? Do you have tips for not letting setbacks get the best of you? We’d love to hear from you!  Stay tuned for an upcoming contest where you could win some CASH for sharing your resolution story and/or advice!

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