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National BBQ Month

May 23, 2016
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May is National Barbecue Month! If you’ve checked out our Grilling Resource Page, then you should already know the key differences between grilling and barbecue… But do you know how many different types of barbecue there are across the United States? Many regions have their own unique barbecuing style, whether in the type of meat they use, the way it’s prepared, or the type of sauce they serve.

Here’s a list of the most popular barbecue styles in the US, along with six different types of sauce. Then, test your knowledge by trying out the four delicious barbecue recipes below!

The Barbecue:

Kansas City, MO

  • The Meat: Uses a variety of meats, (like pork, beef, sausage, and chicken), which are smoked over hickory wood
  • The Sauce: Favors a thick, sweet, tomato and molasses-based sauce

Memphis, TN

  • The Meat: Traditionally uses pork (ribs or pulled), either wet (coated with sauce) or dry (rubbed with spices), which is then heavily smoked
  • The Sauce: Often served with a thin, tomato and vinegar-based sauce


  • The Meat: Uses smoked pork, ham, and chicken, served pulled or sliced, often on a sandwich with coleslaw
  • The Sauce: Tends to use a variety of sauces, but is most well-known for their mayo-based sauce

The Carolinas

  • The Meat: Almost always uses pork, smoked either whole-hog or just shoulder or ribs, and served either chopped or on a sandwich
  • The Sauce:
    • East: Vinegar and pepper-based
    • West (Lexington): Vinegar and tomato-based
    • South: Mustard-based (along with a few other variations)
  • Check out this past blog post for more information on Carolina-style BBQ!


  • The Meat: Beef brisket is most common, but styles differ in various regions:
    • Central TX: Smoked beef brisket or ribs on a plate with little to no sauce
    • Eastern TX: Either beef or pork, chopped, and served on sandwiches with hot sauce
    • Western TX: Serves barbecue “cowboy-style,” smoked over an open pit with wood
    • South TX: Mexican-inspired “barbacoa”
  • Check out this past blog post for more information on Texas BBQ!

The Sauces:


Barbecue Beef Brisket

Grilled BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches

Carolina BBQ Pulled Pork

Smoked Cowboy Brisket Sandwich


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