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Martin’s All-American Road Trip; Stop #4 – Hilton Head/Myrtle Beach, SC

May 25, 2015
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Happy Memorial Day! Today is “a day of remembrance for those who have died in service of the United States of America” ( On this day in particular, we honor and remember the brave members of our military, who have dedicated their lives to protecting our country.

This week, on Martin’s All-American Virtual Road Trip, we head down to coastal South Carolina for a time of reflection followed by a relaxing, entertaining vacation.

Myrtle Beach

This Memorial Day season, there are plenty of events taking place in honor of our military. Throughout the entire month of May, Myrtle Beach celebrates its “Military Appreciation Days.” Today, stop by and see the Memorial Day Veterans March, or attend the Memorial Day Remembrance Ceremony to say “thank you” to our military men and women. You can also attend a Memorial service at Surfside Beach, or head down to the beautiful Brookgreen Gardens and see their “Red, White, and Blue Salute to Veterans.”

Memorial Day also marks the “unofficial” start of the summer season, as schools let out and the weather gets warmer. Take a break from life’s busyness this week by relaxing on the beach or participating in fun water activities like boating, fishing, kayaking, or parasailing. Enjoy the wildlife with a dolphin tour, take a dance class, or go to the park! There’s so much to do.

If you love the theater, then you have to check out The Carolina Opry at the Calvin Gilmore Theater. This is an award-winning show that combines music, comedy, and dance! It’s been highly recommended by many news groups and tourism organizations. This high-energy show features a cast of many great artists and talented performers.


If golf is your thing, check out Myrtle Beach’s many beautiful and challenging courses, some of which have been designed by legendary golfers and architects such as Arnold Palmer. For an extensive list of courses, check out:

For even more golf, head to Hilton Head Island and visit one of their world-famous golf clubs! There are over 20 great courses, including the famous “Harbour Town Golf Links.” Many of Hilton Head’s courses have been attended (and even designed) by famous golfers and are ranked top in the world! If you love golf, this is definitely your place to be! Visit

Hilton Head

Along with golfing, there are tons of exciting things to see and do in Hilton Head! The island is a great destination for family-friendly beaches and activities. Its relaxing and subdued atmosphere make it perfect for a quiet family getaway. Visit the beach, go for a bike ride, or explore the marine life on a boat cruise – anything you do will surely be entertaining.

Also noteworthy is Hilton Head’s arts and culture scene. Make sure to attend the 7th Annual Hilton Head Island Art Festival on May 23–24, 2015 or look into one of the great events showcased by the Arts & Cultural Council of Hilton Head!


We couldn’t venture to South Carolina without discussing barbecue – especially since May is National Barbecue Month! Before it’s over, here’s a little information about the different styles of BBQ. Many regions have their own unique barbecuing style, whether it’s the type of meat used, the way it’s prepared, or the type of sauce with which it is served. This week, we’ll be focusing on the types of barbecue found in the Carolinas – there are actually several – and in future stops on our road trip, we’ll look at even more types.

The Carolinas are famous for their barbecue, but many people outside of the area don’t realize just how many varieties there actually are. There are a few main types of BBQ found throughout North and South Carolina. They differ mostly in the type of sauce they use, but they all tend to agree on one thing: “real” barbecue is made with pork.

North Carolina is split down the middle in their two main types of barbecue. The east coast uses a thin, vinegar and pepper sauce and meat from a whole roasted hog along with its “cracklin’” (or crispy skin). The western half of the state favors a tomato-based sauce, sometimes called “Lexington-style” that is often paired with pork shoulder rather than whole hog, and served with cole slaw.

In South Carolina, there are even more varieties of BBQ sauce. Check out this article for more information. Here is a summary of the various styles:

  • Mustard-Based; Carolina Gold: This style is most popular in central South Carolina and is often the type most attributed to the state, since it is not as common in other regions. Carolina Gold BBQ is made with a mustard-based sauce, made popular due to the large population of German immigrants who inhabited this land.
  • Vinegar-Based; Eastern Style: This is found along the east coast of South Carolina. It is characterized by a thin sauce made of vinegar, black pepper, and sometimes cayenne or red pepper.
  • Light Tomato: This style, which is popular in the northeast region (often called the “Pee Dee Region”) of the state, takes the vinegar-based sauce of the east and adds tomato ketchup to it, for a slightly sweeter taste.
  • Heavy Tomato: Found in the western and northwestern region of SC, this style of sauce is the most well-known in other areas of the U.S. It is a ketchup-based, sweeter sauce, like the kind often found bottled in stores.


Featured Recipe:

Make your own Carolina-style BBQ on a Martin’s roll!

Check out this recipe for Carolina Barbecue Pulled Pork learn how to make the different sauces mentioned here!

Pulled Pork on Sandwich




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