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Food Service Awards – Part 2

March 28, 2022
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Food Service Awards - Part 2

We’re back! After all the love we received on the last edition of the Food Service Awards, we decided to bring back this series for a Part Two! We took to social media to search, yet again, for the best looking food on the internet. Turns out, it wasn’t difficult to find a brand new set of 20 mouthwatering dishes from our customers.

Are you ready to see more droolworthy images from this year’s award nominees? Keep scrolling! And don’t forget to follow these accounts to see more delicious content!


Most Mouthwatering Chicken Sandwich Topping: The Mac Daddy from @Tumble22HotChx

The Mac Daddy from @Tumble22HotChx

It may not be complicated, but this mac-and-chicken combo is certainly one of the most craveable chicken sandwiches we’ve laid eyes on in the past year. Topped with pickles, creamy sauce, and a Martin’s Potato Roll—what more could you ask for?


Hottest Up-and-Coming Smash Burger: Trill Burger from @TrillBurgers

Trill Burger from @TrillBurgers

Trillburgers, the culinary brainchild of rapper Bun B, is a trendy new smash burger pop up in Houston, Texas. Touting double-decker burgers with American cheese and fried onions, these smash burgers really shine in photography on Instagram.


Most Picturesque Fast Food Copycat: The Slit Mac from @SlayerBurger

The Slit Mac from @SlayerBurger

Appropriately named “The Slit Mac,” this photogenic double-stacked burger is made with two smashed patties and Martin’s Sandwich Potato Rolls—one top bun and two bottom buns! If you’re not located in Australia (or if you’re halfway around the world, like us), try making this masterpiece at home by using two bottom buns or splitting your top bun in half!


Most Show-Stopping Seafood Sandwich: Soft Shell Crab Sandwich from @FoundOyster

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich from @FoundOyster

Not only is this sandwich stuffed with a whole soft-shell crab, it’s also topped with brightly colored caviar and plenty of sauce! We think Found Oyster totally nailed this category.


Juiciest Smash Burger: Double-Double Smash Burger from @Happyfield.Haberfield

Double-Double Smash Burger from @Happyfield.Haberfield

This burger is so juicy it looks like the photo is actually shining through the screen. We’re not sure how much of a mess this would make to try and eat, but we think it would be worth it either way.


Best Bun Modification: Crustburger from @EatJoyland

Crustburger from @EatJoyland

See that crust right there? That’s a freshly-grilled cheddar cheese crisp cooked right onto the top of a Martin’s Sandwich Potato Roll. Sounds amazing, right? We actually tried this burger in Nashville and we can tell you it’s just as delicious as it is creative.


Most Creative Use of Seafood: Octopus Sandwich from @DomPanino

Octopus Sandwich from @DomPanino

If you can believe it, the octopus is not the only creative part of this sandwich! Piled onto a Martin’s Sandwich Potato Roll, this dish is layered with chicory, sweet potato crisps, stracciatella, and lemon zest! Check out how it’s made it on Instagram!


The Piled-Up Hot Dog Award: Gourmet Hot Dogs from @DivineDogsUSA

Gourmet Hot Dogs from @DivineDogsUSA

The Divine Dogs team members are experts at stacking up tall layers of creative ingredients on hot dogs cradled in Martin’s Long Potato Rolls. These creative ingredients often include snack foods, spicy peppers, varying sauces, and more, like in the photo above!


Most Satisfying Breakfast: Breakfast Burger from @EatDiesel

Breakfast Burger from @EatDiesel

Okay, okay, we haven’t actually tried this mouthwatering burger from Diesel & Duke, but it looks like this creation of layered goodness (we’re talking fried egg, crispy bacon, aged cheddar, and beef) would easily keep you full until lunchtime.


The Makin’ Money Moves Award: @EasyStreetBurgers


Easy Street Burgers has been busy whipping up some seriously tasty smash burgers for several years now. And in a few short weeks, they are opening their very first brick and mortar location, making these stellar burgers even more accessible!

Close second goes to Dave’s Hot Chicken, whose partial stake was purchased by Drake!


Most Photo-Worthy Spicy Chicken Sandwich: Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich from @ZillfordsFriedChicken

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich from @ZillfordsFriedChicken

Wow, this Nashville hot chicken sandwich has a little something for everyone—perfectly sliced pickles, colorful slaw, and the world’s best sauce drizzle (not a certified title). The most impressive part? The sauce drizzle is this perfect in every. single. photo.


Ultimate Umami Award: Double Mushroom Swiss Burger from @RedBoxCar_MT

Double Mushroom Swiss Burger from @RedBoxCar_MT

We were thrilled to find Red Box Car is serving up burgers and sandwiches on Martin’s Potato Rolls in Montana! And we were even more excited to see how creative and mouthwatering their menu offerings was – like this ooey gooey example with grilled mushrooms and Swiss cheese.


Best Tray Presentation: Hot Chicken Sandwiches from @DavesHotChicken

Hot Chicken Sandwiches from @DavesHotChicken

Wow. You can’t tell us that the sheer sight of this photo isn’t enticing you to try and eat the whole thing. The satisfying rows of chicken and fries, the tastefully placed pickles—everything about this tray is making our mouths water!


Most Creative Use of Pork: @PhinneysNewtown


Move over, pulled pork. This photogenic sandwich from Phinney’s is stealing the show with multiple layers of goodness: roasted pork, baby kale Caesar, parmesan cheese flakes, and fried capers. Talk about flavor!


Golden Hour Glamour Award: Fried Bologna Sammich from @GearhouseBrewing

Fried Bologna Sammich from @GearhouseBrewing

The food photography from Gearhouse is constantly making us hungry (which is especially dangerous considering it’s located right in our hometown!), and this sandwich is a great example of why. Here we have fried bologna, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, barbecue chips, and tomato aioli all on a Martin’s Sandwich Roll shining in the evening sun!


Best Holiday-Inspired Burger: The Falalalalafel Burger from @fuzziesburgers

The Falalalalafel Burger from @fuzziesburgers

The drippy sauce, the crispy falafel, the bright pickled onions—this creation is surely a winner. And, between the bright seasonal colors and the clever name, it’s perfect for our seasonal burger award category!


Most Over-the-Top Cheeseburger: The Rowdy Cheeseburger from @Easeys

The Rowdy Cheeseburger from @Easeys

Easeys is consistently turning out some of the most delicious chicken sandwiches and burgers on the internet, but this one is next level. Can you spot all the toppings on this stack? We see three patties, lettuce, onions, ranch dressing, mustard, bacon, and even jalapeños!


Sauce Drip Award: Braised Chuck Roll from @TheLanternBarandGrill

Braised Chuck Roll from @TheLanternBarandGrill

We’re not sure if it’s the bright pink soy slaw, the perfectly-seeded Big Marty’s Roll, or the A+ presentation that draws us into this photo so much. Either way, the sauce drip on this Braised Chuck Sandwich is more than worthy of an award.


Most Creative Smash Burger Variation: The Tepic from @Hangaburs

The Tepic from @Hangaburs

As the caption explains, “the ‘T’ is for tasty and the ‘E’ is for elite. The ‘P’ is for perfection and you know it can’t be beat. The ‘I’ is for iconic and the ‘C’ is for cool. So tell all the people to come through and order two.” Enough said, right?


The Close-Up Couture Award: @JimNNicksBBQ


Jim N Nick’s Barbecue certainly doesn’t need any help looking mouthwateringly delicious. However, this close-up shot really brings out all the tasty details of their outstanding barbecue sandwich smothered in sauce.


Prettiest Veggie Burger: @EatatSpark


In response to their Instagram caption: no, no we haven’t. With its crinkle-cut pickles, perfectly-placed lettuce, generous spread of avocado, and squishy-soft Martin’s bun, his looks like a veggie burger that could draw in the most dedicated carnivores.


There you have it—another round of some of our favorite Instagram posts from our food service customers! If you have another favorite in mind, tag them on social media! If you’re a chef using Martin’s Potato Rolls, tag us (@potatorolls) in your social posts, so we can see the award-worthy dishes you create as well!

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