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International Restaurant Highlight

April 15, 2024
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Greetings, Foodies!

Last summer, we shared with you a collection of mouthwatering food creations from some of Martin’s food service customers from around the country in our Summer Restaurant Checklist. Well…now we’re expanding the list to showcase our customers from around the globe.

Whether you’re our neighbors in Canada or Latin America, or “across the pond” in Europe, the Middle East, or even as far away as Australia, we hope you find some new restaurant menu items to add to your dining bucket list.

So…to our beloved international customers (or US natives traveling abroad), this blog is for you!


1.         Andalusien – Germany

Andalusien is a German fast casual restaurant serving up a variety of delicious burgers, French tacos, and baguettes (subs). Visit any of their four locations to choose from options such as their Classic Cheeseburger, Crunchy Chicken Sandwich, or the Merguez Burger, a beef patty topped with sausage, red onion, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and cheese sauce!

Instagram: @imbissandalusien


2.         Bastion Burger – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

If you’re native to Alberta and craving some seriously-good burgers, be sure to make a trip over to Bastion Burger for one of their legendary creations, served on a Martin’s Potato Roll of course!

Instagram: @bastion_burger_yyc


3.         Boneless – Helsinki, Finland

Boneless is a street food-style restaurant chain with ten locations in and around Helsinki, that has been serving up crispy fried chicken and juicy smash burgers since 2017. And at certain times of year, you can even order an American-inspired Oklahoma Onion Smash—two smash burger patties fried with thinly sliced onions and topped with American cheese, Dijonnaise, and crispy fried shallots, on a Martin’s 4” Potato Roll!

Instagram: @bonelesshki



4.         BRGR – Australia

This Australian burger joint specializes in smash burger-style cheeseburgers, and boy-oh-boy do they do it well! If you’re a local (or are ever nearby for a visit), be sure to stop by and pick up one of their classic  burgers on a Martin’s Potato Roll, or select a grilled or fried chicken sandwich or a vegetarian halloumi or falafel burger!

Instagram: @brgr_au


5.         Bun & Sum – London, England, UK

With two locations in London and two more coming soon, Bun & Sum has perfected the LA-style smash burger in the UK. They offer mouthwatering burgers (bun) like the Big S’mac, Motz, and Green Chilli Cheeseburger varieties, served with a variety of sides (sum) such as loaded fries and special dipping sauces.

Instagram: @bunandsum


6.         Burgerstubn – Munich, Germany

Could this be the tastiest smash burger in all of Munich? You be the judge! Head to Burgerstubn for an American-style smashburger on Martin’s Potato Rolls, hot wings, and truffle fries!

Instagram: @burgerstubn


7.         Butjer Smashed Burger – Hannover, Germany

Head over to Butjer in Hannover for delicious burger creations like the Bro-Schetta Burger, Classic Double Cheeseburger, or Triple Chimichanga (featured above), all on Martin’s Potato Rolls!

Instagram: @butjer_


8.         The Food Truck Store – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Craving more smash burgers? Head over to The Food Truck Store in Argentina for their signature American-style cheeseburgers served on Martin’s Potato Rolls!

Instagram: @thefoodtruckstore



9.         Gosh – Rieti, Italy

This elegant and artsy spot in Rieti, Italy serves an eclectic mix of traditional Neapolitan-style pizza, burgers, poke bowls, and more. Be sure to pay them a visit for a taste of their Classic Burger or Double-Cheesebacon Chicken Burger on Martin’s Potato Rolls!

Instagram: @goshrieti


10.    The Harp Linden – Hannover, Germany

This upscale sports bar, and sister restaurant to Butjer, is serving up a number of creative burgers, a selection of savory sides, and other delicious offerings. If you’re in the area, be sure to check out their sliders as well, served on Martin’s Slider Potato Rolls (shown above).

Instagram: @theharplinden



11.    iyycburg – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

You’ll love the seasonal favorites being served up in Calgary over at @iyycburg! Stop by for a taste of delicious burger options like this Kebab Smash Burger, or the Maple Crunch Crispy Chicken Sandwich!

Instagram: @iyycburg



12.    Keys Coffee House – Caen, France

The smash burger at Keys Coffee House is one of their top-selling items on their menu—and for good reason! The caramelized beef patty, American cheese, and signature sauce all on a Martin’s Potato Roll just can’t be beat!

Instagram: @wearekeys


13.    MIT Burger – Santiago, Chile

This Texas Ranger Burger is waiting for you over at MIT Burger in Santiago, Chile! The stuffed Black Angus burger, covered in melted American cheese, caramelized bourbon onions, crispy bacon, barbecue sauce, mustard, smoked mayo, and cucumbers will have you saying “Yeehaw!”

Instagram: @mitburger


14.    Paranoid Burger – Rancagua, Chile

We don’t know about you but we’re seriously craving these tasty burger creations from Paranoid Burger down in Rancagua, Chile! With a multitude of burger options to choose from, we’d love to try them all!

Instagram: @paranoid_burger


15.    Paseo Original Smash Burger – Vallabrègues, France

Paseo, a French fast casual restaurant, serves American-style smash burgers, French tacos, and fries. If you live nearby, stop in and try a Double Cheeseburger, Western Bacon, or Big Paseo Burger on Martin’s Potato Rolls!

Instagram: @paseo.originalsmashburger


16.    Pickl – UAE; Bahrain

This growing fast casual chain is taking the Middle East by storm! With numerous locations in both UAE and Bahrain, their famous smash burgers and fried chicken sandwiches are a must-taste! Check out their extensive menu for fun variations like the Chicken Caesar Sando, shown above!

Instagram: @pickl.mena



17.    Roar Burger – Paris, France

Roar Burger claims to be the best burger in France—stop by one of their four and grab a taste for yourself! Choose from options like the Classic Roar, Chicken Roar, Smoked Roar, and many others, all served on Martin’s Potato Rolls!

Instagram: @roar_burger_



18.    Salt – Middle East

Salt is a growing burger chain with numerous locations across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. They offer a variety of different burgers, sliders, fried chicken, and loaded fries. Pay them a visit (or order take out or delivery) to try an Original, Jalapeno, or Chicken Cheetos Slider on Martin’s Potato Rolls!

Instagram: @findsalt


19.    Single & Double – Mexico

It’s no secret that Single & Double is serving up some delicious burgers, hot dogs, and fried chicken sandwiches on Martin’s Potato Rolls down in Mexico. Pop on by for a taste!

Instagram: @singleandoublemx


20.    Slaw – Dubai, UAE

Craving this Truffle Burger on Martin’s Potato Rolls? Check out Slaw in Dubai for more delicious creations, from loaded fries and hot wings, to burgers, crispy fried chicken, and stuffed portobello sandwiches!

Instagram: @houseofslaw


21.    Smashy – Torino, Italy

Their menu may be simple…but their food is simply delicious! When you visit Smashy Smash Burgers & Fries, you can choose either a single or double cheeseburger, bacon optional, on Martin’s Potato Rolls, with a side of fries.

Instagram: @smashburgersandfries


22.    The Stockpot Kitchen – Lismore, New South Wales, Australia

At The Stockpot Kitchen in Lismore, Australia, you can find a variety of amazing burgers, barbecue, and fried chicken options on the menu. Plus, be sure to check back regularly to try their limited time specials like the Parmi Deluxe—a breaded chicken breast topped with Napoli sauce, smoked pork belly, kimchi, burger cheese, basil, and mayonnaise on a grilled Martin’s Potato Roll (shown above).

Instagram: @thestockpotkitchen



23.    Wingmill – Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Craving some hot chicken sliders on Martin’s Potato Rolls? Find that and more (think: loaded burgers, tacos, and fries with all sorts of creative toppings) at Wingmill in Sydney, Australia!

Instagram: @wing.mill



Want to see more tasty content for the above countries? Follow our international Instagram accounts, below!


P.S. Do you know of a food service account that would like to be featured on our blog or social media sites? Be sure to tag @potatorolls in your posts so we can connect with them!

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