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22 Award-Winning Instagram Posts from Our Food Service Customers

March 8, 2021
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Every day on social media, we see some of the most mouthwatering burgers, sandwiches, and snacks from social media users all over the globe (seriously—as far away as Australia!) on Martin’s Potato Rolls and Bread. And, after the twists, turns, and curveballs 2020 brought to restaurants everywhere, it’s even more impressive to see these masterpieces coming from the menus of our talented foodservice customers.

So, we decided it’s high time to shine the spotlight on some of the impressive dishes that we’ve seen in the past year and share them with people who would enjoy them just as much as we do—you! So, scroll ahead to see all of the show-stopping nominees. And, if you like what you see, follow these accounts to see more delicious content!

*WARNING: Drool-worthy images ahead*


Most Visionary Burger Ingredient: The Ramen Burger from @EastSideKing

East Side King - Ramen Burger

The shear creativity of using ramen noodles on a cheeseburger earns Austin-based East Side King the Most Visionary Burger Ingredient Award. And they’ve certainly earned bonus points for show-stopping presentation!


Most House-Made Ingredients: House Trifecta Burger from @TheLuckyWell

The Lucky Well - House Trifecta Burger

Just as its name suggests, this saucy, juicy cheeseburger includes not one, not two, but three house-made ingredients: house beef blend, house dill pickles, and house BBQ sauce! (Good thing they still chose a Martin’s-made bun!)


Best Sweet and Savory Combo: Maple Glazed Waffle Sandwich from @fuku

Fuku - Maple-Glazed Waffle Sandwich

It’s no secret that Fuku makes mouthwatering chicken sandwiches, but this one is especially jaw-dropping. The sandwich essentially contains a whole brunch between two buns: fried chicken, pickled jalapenos, waffle hash browns, all drizzled in a sweet maple glaze.


Most Eye-Catching: General Crow’s Chicken from @ChickenOutChicken

Chicken Our Chicken - General Crow's Chicken

With ingredients like sweet garlic chile glaze and broccoli-orange-almond stir fry, this creative chicken sandwich flaunts hues of green, red, and yellow, landing it securely in first place for the Most Eye-Catching Award!


Best Sauce Drizzle: Fried Chicken Sandwich from @FederalDonuts

Federal Donuts - Fried Chicken Sandwich

If we didn’t know better, we’d think that sauce is dripping right out of the photo. We’re truly tempted to hang this eye-catching work of art up on the wall.


Most Clever Use of Martin’s Potato Rolls: French Toast Fried Chicken Sandwich from @BuddysDTLA

Buddy's - French Toast Fried Chicken Sandwich

Did they say French toasted potato roll? Yes, they did. And, the entire crunchy sandwich comes with a sweet-and-spicy chili-maple syrup. No shortage of flavors here!


Most Inventive Ingredient Combo: Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich from @GhostKingThai

Ghost King Thai - Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich

Not only is this new menu item from Ghost King Thai made with notoriously spicy ghost peppers, it’s also topped with some seriously creative toppings: long beans, avocado ranch dressing, and papaya slaw!


Most Mouthwatering Vegetarian Burger: Portaburger from @Smash.Grill

Smash Grill - Portaburger

Believe it or not, inside that tasty breading lies a hearty portobello mushroom, fried to perfection. This sandwich is a true testament to how delicious vegetarian food can be!


Ooey-Gooeyest Smash Burger: Smash Burger from @SmokeandFireOfficial

Smoke and Fire - Smash Burger

Topped with all of the most drool-worthy smash burger ingredients (gooey cheese, caramelized onion, and lots of special sauce), this burger practically jumps off the page—definitely worthy of the title.


Most Photo-Worthy Spicy Chicken Sandwich: The Hot Hot from @WorldFamousHotBoys

World Famous Hotboys - The Hot Hot Chicken Sandwich

This spicy chicken sandwich is no joke in terms of its heat (seriously—if you order online, they’ll ask you twice if you’re sure you can handle it.) And yet, they’ve still managed to assemble all the fiery ingredients into one of the most eye-catching chicken sandwiches we’ve ever seen!


Most Ingenious Vegetarian Sandwich: Sautéed Pulled Mushroom Sandwich from @FancyHanksBBQ

Fancy Hanks BBQ -  Sautéed Pulled Mushroom Sandwich

In recent years, many new alternative proteins have cropped up in the market and even been served on our buns, but this one may top the list. Vegetarian or not, this non-traditional BBQ sandwich sounds like a crowd-pleasing option for any hungry stomach.


Best Hybrid Recipe: Pizza Burger from @BlackTapNYC

Black Tap - Pizza Burger

Between the perfectly-cooked hamburger patty, bright red sauce, and fresh-grated mozzarella cheese tumbling out of this sandwich, it’s quite a beauty to behold. This creation feels like a fresh, new take on pizza burgers and is certainly worthy of the award.

TIP: Make this burger at home using this recipe!


Most Picture-Perfect Smash Burger: Smash Burger from @KitchenXEatery

Kitchen X Eatery - Smash Burger

It can be difficult to assemble a pretty and delicious smash burger. With melty layers of crispy, lacy beef, melty cheddar cheese, and loads of special sauce, sometimes you have to opt for taste over beauty. But Kitchen X Eatery certainly accomplished both here!


Most Anticipated Limited Time Menu Item: Gochujang Chicken Sandwich from @ShakeShack

Shake Shack - Gochujang Chicken Sandwich

Burger fans everywhere look forward to the new, creatively-themed menu items that Shake Shack invents. And the new Korean-inspired Gochujang chicken and French fry combo is no exception! Fans continue to rave about its unique flavor profile and “gram-worthy” appearance.


Three Cs Award—Crispy, Creative Chicken: The Loco from @Wing.Mill

WingMill - The Loco

It’s difficult to look at this picture too long without craving the perfectly-crisped fried chicken within. And these are not your run-of-the-mill chicken sandwich toppings either—a delicious pairing of sriracha mayo and fresh corn salad.


Most Creative Fish Sandwich: Mahi Mahi Sandwich from @Mokupuni_LA

Mokupuni LA - Mahi Mahi Sandwich

With innovative ingredients like sweet potato chip slaw and pineapple vinegar pickles, we know this super-stacked fish sandwich tastes as delicious as it looks.


Most Creative Use of Pimento Cheese: Pimento Pork Belly Fried Chicken Sandwich from @CoopDeVillePGH

Coop de Ville - Pimento Pork Belly Fried Chicken Sandwich

This whole sandwich truly goes above and beyond average sandwich standards. We don’t know which topping we love the most, between the pork belly, hot honey, pimento cheese, and green tomato piccalilli!


Most Mouthwatering Sauce: Honey Chipotle Burger from @Eat_Stax

Eat Stax - Honey Chipotle Burger

All we have to say is: if looking at this photo for a while doesn’t make your mouth water, we don’t know what will.


Creamiest Sauce: Chicken Sandwich from @The_HeyDay

The Heyday - Chicken Sandwich

You can expect to find creamy, buttermilk sauce on most classic fried chicken sandwiches. But, there’s just something about this one from The Hey Day that makes us particularly hungry for a bite.


Most Spicy Toppings: Sweet Heat Burger from @HungerBurgerPA

Hunger Burger - Sweet Heat Burger

Alongside a smash burger patty, smoked bacon, and caramelized onions, this burger also ties in three diversely spicy toppings: jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, and pineapple habanero sauce!


Most Creative Use of Honey: Forest Hills Burger from @BurghersBrewingPGH

Burghers Brewing - Forest Hills Burger

Another complete-package menu item, this recipe from Burghers Brewing combines honey with bleu cheese, sautéed mushroom, and fresh greens for a flavor-packed and noteworthy finished product.


Best Holiday-Inspired Burger: The Holiday Burger from @BurgerDrops

Burger Drops - The Holiday Burger

Between layers of smash burger, black pepper, pickled onion, truffle mayo, and Swiss cheese, you can practically taste the holiday spirit in this limited-edition masterpiece.


There you have it—our top 22 Instagram posts from our food service customers! We deeply appreciate all of the talented restaurant chefs who work hard every day making delicious food on Martin’s Potato Rolls and Bread. If you have another favorite in mind, tag them on social media! If you’re a chef using Martin’s Potato Rolls, tag us (@potatorolls) in your social posts, so we can see the award-worthy dishes you create as well!

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