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Two-Toned Ham and Cheese

5 Mins
Potato Bread
Made With
Potato Bread


1 Slice Martin’s Potato Bread

1 Slice Martin’s Whole Wheat Potato Bread

1 Slice American Cheese

2-3 Slices Deli Ham



Fun-Shaped Cookie Cutters

Serves: 1


Step 1

Using a cookie cutter, cut a shape out of both slices of bread. Remove the shape from both slices and insert it into the opposite slice of bread (so the Potato Bread shape will be inside of the Whole Wheat Potato Bread slice and vice versa).

Step 2

Build the remainder of the sandwich as you would a traditional ham and cheese. Spread mayonnaise and mustard on either slice of bread, top with ham slices, cheese, any additional toppings or condiments, and finish with the second slice of bread.