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A Very Merry (Martin’s) Thanksgiving

November 9, 2020
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Very Merry Martin's

Can you believe it—Thanksgiving is just over two weeks away! After the crazy year we’ve had, we sure are looking forward to some holiday cheer and quality time spent with loved ones. The upcoming winter holidays are sure to be a festive time filled with joyful décor, great food, and a respite from life’s current woes.

That being said, we know this year’s celebrations may look a bit different than in years past. Some families may find it difficult to gather together in their usual capacity. Others may be attempting to host their own smaller, more intimate parties, perhaps for the very first time.

Worry not—Martin’s is here to help relieve some of those party planning pressures!

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Introducing: A Very Merry Martin’s Giveaway

Very Merry Martin's Giveaway - Thanksgiving Grand Prize
Thanksgiving Grand Prize: Electric Turkey Fryer, Carving Set, Bakeware Set, and Martin’s Kitchen Set.

We want to ensure your holidays are extra special this year; a time where you can safely spend moments with loved ones and gather around the table for cherished holiday meals. So…we are very excited to announce our seasonal holiday promotion: A Very Merry Martin’s Giveaway!

Over the next two months, Martin’s will be giving away one grand prize for each of the following upcoming holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

Grand Prize Schedule:

  • Thanksgiving:an electric turkey fryer, a carving set, a bakeware set, and a Martin’s kitchen utensil set. (Submission period: 11/2 – 11/18/2020.)
  • Christmas: a stand mixer, coffee maker, a portable speaker, and a Martin’s kitchen utensil set. (Submission period: 11/19 – 12/7/2020.)
  • New Year’s: a blending system, a 40” flat screen 4K television, and a Martin’s kitchen utensil set. (Submission period: 12/8 – 12/23/2020.)

The grand prize winner will also have the opportunity to “pay forward” five additional Martin’s prize packs to family members or friends! After all, the holidays are all about thankfulness, generosity, and hope—so what better way to demonstrate that than by spreading love and cheer with those around you? (Plus, we could all use a joyful, uplifting end to the year 2020!)

Martin’s “Pay It Forward” Prize Packs include:

  • One pack of Martin’s Dinner Potato Rolls and Martin’s Party Potato Rolls, a Christmas ornament, snowflake mug, snow hat, and socks.

Very Merry Martin's Giveaway - Pay It Forward Prize“Pay It Forward” Prize: Martin’s Dinner Potato Rolls, Martin’s Party Potato Rolls, Martin’s Christmas Ornament, Martin’s Mug, Martin’s Snow Hat, and Martin’s Socks.

We hope these giveaway items—from kitchen appliances to entertainment devices—will help to make these seasonal dinners even more special for our fans.

Giveaway details and the entry form can be found at, along with countless recipes and resources to assist with your holiday party hosting and meal preparation.



Very Merry Thanksgiving Recipes

In celebration of our current Thanksgiving Giveaway prize of an electric turkey fryer and carving set (among other things), we came up with three creative new fried versions of some beloved Thanksgiving staples: turkey, mashed potatoes, and squash. After all, this year already looks very different than most; why shouldn’t your holiday menu do the same?

Fried Turkey Sandwich

Fried Turkey Sandwich

Instead of the traditional oven-roasting method, why not try deep-frying your Thanksgiving turkey this year? This technique produces juicy, great-tasting turkey with a beautifully crispy skin. Plus—it frees up space in the oven for your other dishes! Turkey fryers are especially convenient if you find yourself cooking smaller portions of food this year; you can easily fit a turkey breast into a deep fryer and have it cooked through in much less time than it takes to cook an entire turkey in the oven.

If you already have a deep fryer (or end up being our lucky Grand Prize Winner!), you can use that to cook your turkey for the below recipe. Otherwise, you can also use a simple pan-frying or stove-top deep-frying technique to cook the individual pieces of turkey breast.

Turkey sandwiches are a must-have meal after every Thanksgiving—and this one is no exception! The crispy, battered-and-fried turkey breast is just the beginning. Piled onto Martin’s Big Marty’s Rolls with lettuce, tomato, bacon, and spicy mayo, this sandwich is sure to satisfy your post-Thanksgiving meal cravings!



Fried Mashed Potato Balls

Fried Mashed Potato Balls

Thanksgiving is not complete without a heaping helping of mashed potatoes. But consider thinking outside the box this year by whipping up some fried mashed potato balls for an intriguing (and portable) side dish option. Single-serve sides like this are perfect for those socially distanced parties because people can serve themselves without having to pass around dishes or share utensils.

These mashed potato balls, which are similar to potato croquettes, combine mashed potatoes, bacon, cheddar cheese, and chives, into small balls which are then dredged in egg and a Martin’s breadcrumb coating, and deep fried (or air-fried) until golden brown.

P.S. These would be a great pairing with our Southern Fried Stuffing Balls!



Breaded Delicata Squash

Breaded Squash Rings

Winter squash is a fall menu favorite (and also makes for lovely table décor!) Delicata squash is a lovely squash variety with a pretty, golden interior and a sweet, nutty flavor. It can also be sliced easily into rings without having to remove the delicate rind, which makes it fairly easy to prepare.

For this fun and vibrant side dish, we breaded the squash rings with seasoned flour, egg, and toasted Martin’s breadcrumbs, then baked until golden-brown and tender, and paired with a light and zesty lemon-garlic-mayo dipping sauce.




Our Holiday Hub

Our holiday landing page, is also filled with tons of seasonal recipes and resources for all three of these winter holidays! You’ll find plenty of stuffing and dessert recipes, fall-forward flavors like pumpkin and cranberry, and a collection of our best holiday resources including table etiquette, gift ideas, meal prep techniques, and so much more!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the great content you’ll find for Thanksgiving—but feel free to explore the other holidays and seasonal themes as well by visiting the Recipes & Resources page!

Turkey Burger with Dressing and Cranberry Sauce
Thanksgiving Turkey Burger

Hamburger Stuffing

Rosemary-and-Thyme Dinner Roll Glaze
Rosemary-Thyme Dinner Rolls

Pumpkin Soup with Bacon & Croutons


Martin’s Limited Edition Holiday Packaging

Very Merry Martins - Seasonal Packaging

P.S. Be on the lookout for our special holiday packaging in your local grocery stores! You’ll find our festive Very Merry Martin’s design on three of our products: Dinner Potato Rolls, 12-Sliced Slider Potato Rolls, and Party Potato Rolls. Why not collect them all?!


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