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Thanksgiving Leftovers

November 30, 2015
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Thanksgiving is officially over, and you’re probably left with a full belly and plenty of food. You might be asking yourself “why did I cook so much?” Well, everyone knows…the next best part to Thanksgiving Day is the leftovers on the days after!

But…no matter how much you love your traditional Thanksgiving menu, you can still get tired of eating the same thing meal after meal. The good news is—you don’t have to; we’ve got some delicious and creative ways to transform your leftovers into a post-Thanksgiving masterpiece!

Thanksgiving Slider

Thanksgiving Recipes | Thanksgiving Slider

Looking for a light snack? Try this mini slider sandwich layered with turkey, stuffing, fresh veggies and a cranberry sauce/cream cheese mixture as a sweet spread, all between a Martin’s Dinner Potato Roll.

Thanksgiving Monte Cristo

Thanksgiving Recipes | Thanksgiving Monte Cristo

A traditional “Monte Cristo” sandwich is a grilled ham-and-cheese that is dipped in egg batter and pan-fried similar to French toast. In this special holiday rendition, we used turkey and fontina cheese, added baby arugula and cranberry sauce, and grilled it in a nutmeg-infused egg mixture.

Turkey Stacker Sandwich

This double-decker sandwich is “stuffed” with all of the Thanksgiving essentials! First, build your basic turkey sandwich with turkey, mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes. Then, add the sweet cranberry sauce and savory stuffing, and finish it off by adding a gravy-soaked bread slice in the middle to keep everything moist. What a mouthful!

Thanksgiving Casserole


Not in the mood for a sandwich? Bake your leftovers into a delicious casserole! Start with your prepared stuffing and cooked turkey; add in some veggies and whole cranberries; coat it in a flour-milk-egg mixture to help bind it all together; top with butter and chopped pecans; and bake for about an hour at 350°. Then enjoy your delicious all-in-one meal with family and friends.

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