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Spooky Halloween Recipes for Kids

October 31, 2016
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Happy Halloween
Read on for some fun Halloween-themed activities and ideas, plus some deliciously spooky (and cute) Halloween recipes that will be a treat to your friends and family (sorry, no tricks here)!

Halloween Fun

Happy Halloween! Whether you plan to go trick-or-treating or not, there are plenty of fun family-friendly activities to take part in.

Here are some fun ideas:

  • Go on a “haunted hayride” or visit a not-so-scary “haunted house.”
  • Visit a pumpkin patch and let everyone pick out his or her own pumpkin.
  • Find your way through a corn maze.
  • Decorate pumpkins by carving, painting, or drawing on them. Then decorate your yard or porch with them.
  • Create Halloween-themed crafts, like bat or ghost-shaped paper cutouts, then hang them throughout your house.
  • Make Halloween-themed snacks, such as “poison” candy apples or fruit punch “potion.”
  • Design costumes for each family member and have a Clue-themed mystery night.
  • Combine several of the above ideas and have a Halloween party complete with snacks, games, crafts, and a movie.

Fun Halloween Recipe Ideas

Check out these delicious (and only slightly spooky) Halloween recipes that are perfect for your kids’ Halloween themed party!

Tombstone Sandwiches

Tombstone-Sandwiches Halloween Recipes

These spooky sandwiches use hot dog rolls, split in half, to create a rounded tombstone shape. Then we filled them with ham salad, spread on cream cheese, and coated them in crushed pecans for a finishing touch. This is the perfect snack for your upcoming Halloween party with friends!

Ghost- and Cat-Shaped Finger Sandwiches

Cat-and-Ghost-Finger-Sandwiches Halloween Recipes

These cute sandwiches are super easy and fun to make! All you need are Halloween-themed cookie cutters and your fillings of choice. If you’re looking for a fun activity for your kids, have them pick their favorite shape and make their own sandwich! We filled these sandwiches with tuna and chicken salad, but you can make them with whatever you’d like.

Monster Sandwiches

Monster-Sandwiches Halloween Recipes

Cute and not-too-scary, these “monster sandwiches” are perfect for a party snack or for packing in your kid’s lunch! Use round cookie cutters to cut the shape of the bread; then fill with rolled up lunch meat and pointy cheese to create the mouth and teeth; finally, top with green olives for the eyes.

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