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Mother’s Day Recipe Ideas

May 2, 2016
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Mothers inspire us. They devote their lives to raising, encouraging, and protecting their children. They hold a multitude of roles: teacher, caretaker, mentor, guardian. A mother’s job is difficult and their hard work deserves our appreciation and gratitude. Thank you to all the mothers out there.

Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day is almost here! Find a way to show all the mothers in your life that you are grateful for all they do. Send a card, throw a celebratory brunch, or make them breakfast-in-bed; no matter the method, let them know you are thinking of them. Here are a few mom-worthy recipes that say “I appreciate you.”


Eggs Florentine

This classic brunch recipe is sure to make Mom smile. In this dish, a delicately poached egg is served over wilted spinach, a tomato slice, and a Martin’s Dinner Potato Roll, and topped with creamy Hollandaise sauce. Tip: if you need to practice your egg poaching skills, check out this link.

Ricotta-Honey Bruschetta

This simple yet decadent spread makes the perfect appetizer for brunch or afternoon tea. Toasted rounds of Martin’s Potato Bread, topped with creamy ricotta cheese, lemon zest, basil ribbons, and honey—how refreshing!

Mosaic Tea Sandwiches (2 Types)

Unleash your inner artist with these creative tea sandwiches that would brighten anyone’s day! Just start with a lemon cream cheese spread, then top with colorful ingredients like fresh or blanched veggies and thin slices of deli meat.

The two variations shown here are Vegetable Medley, with thinly sliced radish, squash, and cucumber half-moons; and Prosciutto-Asparagus, with thins ribbons of blanched asparagus on top of sliced prosciutto.

Ice Cream Bowls

Finish off your brunch party with cool, refreshing ice cream sandwiches. Nothing beats a cold scoop of your favorite ice cream with toppings, all piled high on a warm, buttery Dinner Potato Roll. What a treat!

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