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Monthly Burger Series: Easter Burger

April 15, 2019
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Lamb and Egg Burger

Our monthly burger for April is an Easter Lamb & Egg Burger topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, and pineapple and served on a Martin’s Big Marty’s Bun. Check out the recipe below then continue reading to learn why we chose this burger for the month of April!

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About Our Easter Lamb & Egg Burger

We liked the idea of doing a specialty burger for Easter. A typical Easter dinner tends to be fairly elaborate, often with a central meat dish and several intricate sides and desserts. Even if served potluck style, with individual family members each preparing a dish, a formal Easter dinner can still be time-consuming and pretty involved.

This Easter themed burger is a fun out-of-the-box idea to try if you are looking to switch things up. It also makes a great casual and easy to prepare dinner if you’re not anticipating a large family gathering this year.

Lamb and Egg Burger

Now, don’t get us wrong—we love a formal Easter dinner as much as the next person! (You can find traditional Easter recipes and seasonal Easter side dishes in some of our previous blog posts.) We’re not suggesting you skip your usual fancy dinner if that’s a cherished tradition for your family. But this Easter burger makes a great pre- or post-Easter addition that’s quick to prepare, perhaps on Good Friday or the Monday after Easter as a way to use up ingredients you have left over.

Not only is a burger a sharp and intriguing contrast to the traditional Easter meal, but this particular burger also ties in some great Easter symbolism, making it even more meaningful.

Lamb and Egg Burger

The Lamb:

Lamb is one of the most popular foods to serve on Easter. Roasted leg or rack of lamb seasoned with herbs and spices makes an elegant focal point for any formal dinner. Since Easter is a once-a-year celebration, we chose to use ground lamb for our burger instead of the usual beef. Lamb also adds a great meaty, slightly gamey flavor to a burger which is an added bonus.

Serving lamb at Easter time also brings with it a religious significance. Easter celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who is called the “Lamb of God” because of his perfect and ultimate sacrifice on the cross. For this reason, choosing lamb as the central focus of your Easter dinner incorporates a beautiful and humble reminder of the reason for the occasion.

Lamb and Egg Burger

The Toppings:

When planning this recipe, we knew topping it with a fried egg was a must. Not only does it make for a picturesque and trendy burger, but it also has a fun seasonal tie-in. How many Easter-related traditions involving eggs can you think of? There’s Easter egg hunts, dying eggs, chocolate and candy eggs in baskets…the list goes on. Along with bunnies, eggs are one of the most popular symbols associated with Easter. Partly stemming from secular traditions, these images also resemble the new growth and rebirth that come with the change in seasons.

The addition of pineapple in this recipe brings some extra brightness and color to the burger, both qualities that seem fitting of the season. Even though pineapple is usually associated with tropical climates or summer vacation, its fruitiness and sweetness adds a wonderful contrast to the savory, umami flavors of the meat.

The rest of the ingredients basically speak for themselves. We used cheddar cheese because it incorporates a great sharp and salty element. And bacon because it just makes every burger that much better. The lettuce, tomato, and ketchup are for those who need every burger to have those “classic” elements.

Finally, there’s the Big Marty’s Bun. A jaw-dropping burger like this needs a big bun for extra support. Martin’s Big Marty’s Rolls are the perfect finishing touch to this creative and elevated burger.


Happy Easter!!

Lamb and Egg Burger

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