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18 Things Moms Say

May 3, 2021
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There’s just something special about receiving a kind word, a piece of advice, or an encouraging card from mom. Whether we’re in trouble or just need a shoulder to cry on, moms have a way of knowing exactly what to say.

Last year for Father’s Day, we honored dads with a blog post filled with all of the hilarious, clever, and wise things our dads are known for saying. This year, we’re turning it over to the moms and reflecting on all of the things our moms say to us—whether we’re in trouble or just need a kind word of advice.

We’ve asked Martin’s employees to tell us about their moms, too. Keep reading to read all of the hilarious and heartfelt answers below, and then check out the video interviews at the end!

When we need help…

“Mommmm!” That classic call for help is something every mother understands well. And, not surprisingly, they always know how to respond.

  1. “After any injury (regardless if it involved an open wound), my mom would say ‘Well, rub it,’ as if rubbing every injury would instantly make it better. While silly, it still often makes us laugh in the midst of a painful moment.”
  2. “I guess it’s a mom thing to be able to find every lost item anyone owns. It didn’t matter if it was me, my sister, or my dad asking, my mom somehow knew the answer to ‘Where is my _______?’”

When we’re in trouble…

Even the best-behaved kids are familiar with the feeling of getting in trouble with mom. Beware the middle name usage—that’s when you’re really in for it.

  1. “My family took a lot of road trips, so my sister and I would often get loud and start giggling in the back seat. When my mom couldn’t take it anymore, she would trick us into playing “The Quiet Game.” The premise was just to see who could not say anything the longest. And somehow I never caught on to the fact that my mom and dad always happened to be the first to lose.”
  2. “When we kids were driving my mom nuts inside the house, she would say ‘Go outside and get the stink ‘blowed’ off.’”
  3. “At times, when I got in trouble at school or wanted my mom to let me do something just because my friends were allowed to do it, she would always respond with ‘If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do that, too?’”

When we need advice…

There’s a reason that, even into adulthood, in times of trouble or confusion, we often instinctually long for our moms. Mothers are known for offering the perfect cross-section between sincere empathy and sage advice.

  1. “Don’t cry over things that won’t cry over you.”
  2. “It will all come out in the wash.”
  3. “Do the job you love. When you love your job (or at least LIKE it) you are always good at it and have more joy.”
  4. “This too shall pass.”
  5. “Life is too short to stay angry at someone.”
  6. “I don’t care what everyone else is doing. You are not everyone else. Be you.”
  7. “My mom would do anything for her family. Her favorite saying is, ‘Make the most of the moment,’ and she certainly does this! She has taught me (by word and by example) that family is important and is worth sacrificing for…and that laughter, forgiveness, humility, and faith in God are what hold a family together.” –Julie Martin, on her mother’s motto
  8. “Never give up.”
  9. “Always be positive. Be a positive person, thinking the best of everyone first.”
  10. “Be yourself—you’re perfect the way you are. You don’t need to change yourself.”

When she wants to show how much she cares…

When kids are in their pre-teen and teenage years, they often don’t understand or even accept how much their moms really love them. But despite all the cries of “Mom, you’re embarrassing me!” mothers always find ways to continue letting us know how much they care.

  1. “’I’ll put the coffee on.’ My mom and I have bonded over a nice, quiet (I get my not-a-morning-person personality honestly), cup of coffee in the morning since I was 15. This changed when I moved out. Since then, anytime my mom knows I’m going to stop by, even if just for a minute, she’ll send me a text that lets me know coffee will be ready when I get there.”
  2. “The best things in my life are you two kids.”
  3. “’I have a secret… *leans in and whispers* I love you.’ My mom would always find the silliest ways to tell us she loved us when we were little. This was one of her favorites. But although we never really thought about it at the time, I know now that she truly, sincerely meant it every single time.”


We also interviewed several mothers who work at Martin’s and asked them to tell us about their moms and about motherhood. Check out all the meaningful moments in this video:

As silly and sneaky as they can sometimes be, each mom, motherly figure, guardian, etc. deserves a little extra love this Mother’s Day. Take some time to show how much you appreciate your mom – perhaps by making her breakfast in bed, using these tasty recipes!

Mother’s Day Recipes

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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