5 Locations with Martin's Products - (1.9 Miles)
5 Locations with Martin's Products - (1.9 Miles)
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Roast Pork and Cranberry Jelly Christmas Canapés

A perfect appetizer for Christmas or holiday parties.
30 Min Total Serves 4
For the Mayonnaise:
Egg Yolk
Teaspoons Mustard
Canola Oil
Juice from 1 Lemon
For the Canapés:
Slices Martin's Potato Bread
Slices Pork, cold roast
Small Jar Cranberries, with sauce
Ounces Young Gorgonzola
Fresh Herbs
  1. For the mayonnaise:

    Whisk together the egg yolk and the mustard.

    Stir in the oil a drop at a time until a yellow cream is formed. (Be sure not to add too much at once.)

    Season with a pinch of sugar and the lemon juice.

  2. For the canapés

    Using a cookie cutter of your choice (we used a Christmas tree shape), cut the bread slices into 12 small to medium-sized shapes. (Try to get 2 shapes out of each slice of bread).

  3. Spread the mayonnaise onto each bread slice and top with the pork.

  4. Add a spoonful of cranberry sauce and add the cheese.

  5. Serve garnished with fresh herbs and arrange on a plate.

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