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Breakfast Dog

15 Mins


8 Martin’s Long Potato Rolls

8 Hot Dogs

1 Package Sausage Gravy

1 Pound Breakfast Sausage, crumbled

6 Eggs, scrambled

Chives, for garnish

Serves: 8


Step 1

Mince chives.

Step 2

Fry the sausage in a medium skillet. Spoon the cooked sausage onto a paper towel-lined plate to drain, reserving the grease.

Step 3

Scramble the eggs and fry them in the remaining sausage grease.

Step 4

As the eggs are frying, prepare the sausage gravy according to package instructions.

Step 5

Grill the hot dogs.

Step 6

To assemble, spoon sausage gravy into each potato roll, nestle a hot dog on top of the gravy, then top with crumbled sausage, scrambled eggs, and chives.