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@bbqfriend’s BBQ Rib Sliders

6 Hrs.


Martin’s Sweet Dinner Potato Rolls

1 Rack Baby Back Ribs


4 Tablespoons Butter


BBQ Sauce

1 Red Onion, thinly sliced

1 Cup Red Wine Vinegar

1 Cup Water

1 Cup Sugar

Serves: 12


Step 1

Prepare pickled onions by combining vinegar, water, and sugar in a pot and bring to a boil. Stir to dissolve sugar. Place thinly sliced onions into a jar or glass container with lid. Pour vinegar mixture into jar, making sure all onions are covered, and place in refrigerator for four hours or until cold.

Step 2

Heat smoker to 250° F.

Step 3

Remove membrane from ribs.

Step 4

Generously season both side of ribs with BBQ rub and allow to sit for ten minutes for rub to adhere.

Step 5

Place in preheated smoker for three hours.

Step 6

Remove from smoker. Add butter, honey, and more BBQ rub to a piece of foil large enough to completely wrap ribs.

Step 7

Place ribs meat side down on top of butter, honey, and rub.

Step 8

Close foil and place back in smoker for two hours.

Step 9

Remove ribs from smoker and carefully pull out bones.

Step 10

Generously brush BBQ sauce on both sides of ribs and place back into smoker, uncovered, for ten minutes to caramelize.

Step 11

Slice Martin’s Sweet Dinner Potato Roll in half horizontally.

Step 12

Place ribs on bottom half of rolls. Top with pickled onions, more BBQ sauce and tops of rolls.

Step 13


Recipe courtesy of @bbqfriend.