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A Very Merry (Martin’s) Christmas

December 7, 2020
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Sugar Plum Toast Casserole

Here we are, Martin’s fans…It’s officially December! How can that be?! While it seems like some weeks (and months) this year have dragged on forever, the holiday season always seems to go by in the blink of an eye. But this year, let’s make sure to slow down for just a moment to consider the things we’re thankful for, show love and support to those around us, and appreciate the true meaning of these winter holidays—especially at Christmastime.

Christmas 2020 will surely look very different than in years past. Some families may utilize the convenience of technology to connect with one another virtually from afar. Younger generations may find themselves attempting to recreate traditional family recipes by themselves. Perhaps some households will even build a brand new tradition they will cherish for years to come!

Whatever kind of Christmas you are planning this year, make it one to remember! Scroll down to find delicious meal ideas—from post-present-opening brunch, to late-night leftovers.

But first…take a look at our new Very Merry Martin’s Giveaway prize!


A Very Merry Martin’s Giveaway

Very Merry Martin's

Round 2 of our giveaway has officially ended—congratulations to the winner of our Christmas-themed prize which includes: a stand mixer, a coffee maker, a portable speaker, and a Martin’s kitchen utensil set. What better way to kick off the Christmas season than by crafting some artisan baked goods, listening to festive tunes, and sipping a fresh cup of coffee or hot cocoa?

Very Merry Martin's - Christmas Prize
Christmas Grand Prize

If you missed out on Round 2, don’t fret! Round 3 of A Very Merry Martin’s Giveaway begins tomorrow! Starting on December 8 at 9:00 AM EST, you can enter to win our New Years prize of a 4K flat screen TV, high-performance blending system, and a Martin’s kitchen utensil set, by going to and completing our giveaway form.

And don’t forget—the winner will also have the honor of “paying it forward” by choosing five family members or friends to receive a custom prize pack. After all, it is the season of giving!

Very Merry Martin's - New Years Prize
New Year’s Grand Prize: Blending System, 40” Flat Screen 4K Television, and Martin’s Kitchen Set

Giveaway Prize Schedule:

Very Merry Martin's Giveaway - Pay It Forward Prize
Pay It Forward Prize Pack
  • (ENDED) Thanksgiving:an electric turkey fryer, a carving set, a bakeware set, and a Martin’s kitchen utensil set. (Submission period: 11/2 – 11/18/2020.)
  • (ENDED) Christmas: a stand mixer, coffee maker, a portable speaker, and a Martin’s kitchen utensil set. (Submission period: 11/19 – 12/7/2020.)
  • New Year’s: a blending system, a 40” flat screen 4K television, and a Martin’s kitchen utensil set. (Submission period: 12/8 – 12/23/2020.)
  • Pay It Forward Prize: One pack (each) of Martin’s Dinner Potato Rolls, Party Potato Rolls, and 12-Sliced Slider Potato Rolls, a Christmas ornament, snowflake mug, snow hat, and socks.

Giveaway details and the entry form can be found at, along with countless recipes and resources to assist with your holiday party hosting and meal preparation.


Very Merry Christmas Recipes

Whether you wake up in matching family “jammies” and eat brunch around the Christmas tree or get decked out in formal attire for a fancy showstopper evening meal—we hope these hand-selected Christmas meal ideas will help make your holiday celebration “very merry” indeed!

Breakfast or Brunch: Sugar Plum French Toast Casserole

Sugar Plum Toast Casserole

Wake up to “visions of sugar plums” with this decadent French toast bake—cubed Martin’s Potato Bread soaked in a nutmeg-infused custard, combined with fresh blueberries and creamy ricotta-cheesecake filling, baked until golden and served with cinnamon-honey drizzle. Delish!

Sugar Plum Toast Casserole


Mid-Afternoon Meal: Slow Cooker Glazed Ham Dinner Platter

Crock Pot Ham Platter

If you’ll be preparing the Christmas entrée for the first time this year or are expecting a smaller gathering than usual, this crock pot glazed ham recipe is the perfect solution! Simply add a fully-cooked ham to your slow cooker (we used a 3-lb ham, but larger would work as well), along with orange juice, brown sugar, Dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar, and honey, and cook on low for 3-4 hours. Serve the sliced ham topped with drippings, alongside mashed potatoes or stuffing, steamed veggies, and buttered Martin’s Dinner Rolls.

Crock Pot Ham Platter


Late Night Meal: Leftover Ham Sandwiches

Crock Pot Ham Sandwich

If your family tends to eat its main holiday feast in mid-afternoon around 3:00 or 4:00, you may find yourself getting hungry again around 8:00 or even right before bed. Our go-to option? Repurpose your leftover glazed ham from earlier in the day. It makes for delicious sandwiches on Martin’s 12-Sliced Slider Potato Rolls, with a bit of honey mustard or fruit spread. This no-cook scenario is the perfect solution to your late night holiday cravings!

Crock Pot Ham Sandwich


Our Holiday Hub: Additional Christmas Resources

Looking for different ideas? You’ll find plenty more Christmas recipes and resources like the ones shown below on our holiday landing page,!

Pork Crown Roast
Holiday Showstoppers

Spinach Dip Wreath

Spiced Pear & Pomegranate Crostini

Holiday Pull-Apart Roasted Chicken Sliders
Roasted Chicken Sliders



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We wish you a Very Merry Christmas!

 With Love, Martin’s



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