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Throwback Thursday – Napa, CA; 2014

July 9, 2015
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Since we visited Napa, California, this week in Martin’s All-American Road Trip, we’re also going to mention it today as part of Throwback Thursday. In May of 2014, Martin’s Potato Rolls made it to California by means of BurgerFi – a burger chain restaurant that originated in Florida. BurgerFi is growing rapidly across the country as it opens new restaurants, and they’re taking us along wherever they go! Talk about a road trip! It makes sense that their motto is: “Burgerfication of the Nation!” Check them out at to learn more.

In June of 2014, several members of the Martin family visited the Napa BurgerFi location. Check out the following pictures of BurgerFi burgers, and you can see why the Martins truly enjoyed their meal!

Meanwhile, back at the bakery…
Around the same time in 2014, Martin’s was finalizing some ingredient changes in response to our customers’ requests. Officially by August 2014, Martin’s had made the following changes to our bread and roll products:

  • Added Turmeric, Annatto; Removed Yellow #5 & #6 Coloring
  • Added Sunflower Oil; Removed Soybean Oil and Coconut Oil
  • Removed dough conditioner, Azodicarbonamide (ADA)

To read the full statement and to learn more about these ingredients, please see

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