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Product Highlight: Martin’s Slider Potato Rolls

January 8, 2018
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If you’ve ever picked up a pack of our potato rolls and wondered why they appeared to be smaller, or why there were more in a pack, you may recognize our “Slider Potato Rolls.” These rolls are slightly smaller than our famous “Sandwich Potato Rolls” which makes them perfect for sliders (mini burgers) or smaller sandwiches.

If you’ve never tried our slider-sized rolls before, give them a chance! Read on for more fun facts and recipe ideas about this month’s Product Highlight.

About Martin’s Slider Potato Rolls


As mentioned above, our Slider Potato Rolls are similar to our classic Sandwich Potato Rolls in that they use the same mix of ingredients. In fact, our entire “potato roll” line of products is similar in terms of taste and texture, differing only by the size and shape of the product and whether or not it is sliced.

Here’s a quick illustration: take a look at the below picture showing a comparison of our Party, Dinner, and Slider Potato Rolls. These three rolls could all be considered “slider” rolls, or good for making mini sandwiches. Our Party Potato Rolls, the smallest size, are unsliced and ideal for bite-sized appetizers. Our Dinner Potato Rolls and Slider Potato Rolls are similar in size (approximately 2.5 inches) but the latter is pre-sliced.

Martin's Party Potato Rolls, Dinner Potato Rolls, 12 Sliced Potato Rolls size comparison

That last note brings up another point—naming. You may be curious to know that these pre-sliced, slider-sized buns used to be called “12-Sliced Potato Rolls.” Why? The simple answer is: the rolls are sliced and there are 12 rolls in a pack. And while these rolls are great for sliders, they have been part of Martin’s product line for over 20 years, whereas traditional burger sliders have gained popularity only in recent years. (Note: We have since updated the name to “Slider Potato Rolls” to emphasize this popular way to use this product.) 

Fun fact: Martin’s Slider Potato Rolls have been part of the Martin’s family of products since 1986. They were added to our product line after repeated requests from customers desiring a sliced version of our Dinner Potato Rolls. Additionally, many parents thought a smaller sized roll would be perfect for kids.

More Facts about Martin’s Slider Potato Rolls:

  • 90 Calories per serving
  • Made with high-quality ingredients including unbleached wheat flour, real milk, potato flour, yeast, and sugar.
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • No Artificial Dyes
  • No Azodicarbonamide (ADA)
  • No Trans Fats
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher classification of “K Dairy”

Get more information about Martin’s Slider Potato Rolls at

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What is a Slider?

If you’re not familiar with the recipe term “slider,” it traditionally refers to a mini burger cooked over steaming onions and served on a small roll. These type of sliders were made popular through diner-style restaurants such as White Castle and Krystal. For more on the traditional definition of “slider,” read this article from Serious Eats.

Fun Fact: White Manna of New Jersey also serves classic onion-steamed burgers (on Martin’s Slider Potato Rolls)! Read More.

Although some burger purists may disagree, the term “slider” is now also commonly used to describe any type of small or bite-size sandwich, not just the classic mini burgers described above. For ease of use in conversation, we generally side with this more liberal use of the term. You’ll notice the slider recipes on our website encompass all types of ingredients, from fried chicken to pulled pork.

Find more delicious slider ideas here:

Featured Recipe: Chicken Caesar Sliders with Garlic Glazed Rolls

Chicken Caesar Slider on Garlic-Glazed Roll


Video – watch how to make this recipe:

More Slider Potato Roll Recipes

Martin’s Slider Potato Rolls are the obvious choice for a traditional burger slider, but they’re also a great way to downsize your sandwich or prepare kid-friendly lunches. Try using either roll option for deli sandwiches like salami and bologna with cheese (shown below).

Salami, Bologna, and Cheese slider on Martin's 12-Sliced Potato Rolls

Get creative! Slider rolls are also conveniently sized so that they fit perfectly into a 9×13” baking dish or sheet pan, making them great for oven-baked sliders or open-faced sandwiches. Use them with breakfast or dessert options, or whenever you just need a smaller portion of a burger or sandwich.

Scan through our gallery of Slider Potato Roll recipes below, or visit our recipes archive for more delicious inspiration!

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