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Lucky New Year’s Meals

December 28, 2015
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In just a few days, families around the world will be celebrating the end of one year and the start of another. With this celebration comes hope for much blessing, happiness, and well-being in the coming year.

Many cultures have their own special traditions for ringing in the new year, including specific foods that are seen as “lucky” for various reasons. Check out the below list of popular New Year’s “lucky” foods and see if your family’s tradition is one of the ones listed!

Popular “Lucky” New Year’s Foods:

  • Legumes – These are said to resemble money (coins) and therefore be an indicator of wealth and prosperity.
    • Black-eyed peas – In the Southern U.S., these represent humility and good fortune.
    • Lentils – In Italy, these are eaten to provide abundance or wealth.
  • Greens – These resemble money, so are eaten to bring wealth and prosperity.
    • Cabbage – Germans often eat sauerkraut on New Year’s.
    • Kale is popular among the Danish.
    • Collard greens are often eaten in the Southern U.S.
  • Noodles and Grains (like rice) – Due to their nature, these symbolize longevity and abundance.
  • Grapes – In Spanish culture, 12 grapes are eaten at midnight to symbolize the 12 months ahead.
  • Pomegranates symbolize prosperity.
  • Pork – Pigs symbolize progress because they root in the ground and push forward. Their meat also symbolizes wealth and prosperity due to its high fat content.
  • Ring-shaped cakes/circular foods symbolize coming full circle. Sometimes, special trinkets or coins are hidden inside for good luck to those who find them.
  • Fish – Their scales symbolize coins/wealth and their swimming in schools symbolizes abundance.
  • Cornbread represents gold.


Ring in the New Year with these two “lucky” recipes that each incorporate several of the above foods.

Sauerkraut and Pork Roast Sandwich

This “lucky” meal is a German New Year’s tradition. It incorporates pork and sauerkraut into a sandwich using Martin’s Big Marty’s Rolls. Add some spicy mustard and caraway seeds for extra flavor and serve with mashed potatoes, or choose a side from the above list for even more luck.

Sauerkraut and Pulled Pork

Fried Fish Sandwich with Creamy Coleslaw

Cracker-crusted fish filets, lemony coleslaw, and a side of greens – this meal ties in several foods from our New Year’s list. If the golden-hued, circular-shaped Martin’s Sandwich Roll counts as another, then you have yourself a very lucky (and delicious) dish!

Fried Fish Sandwich



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