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Dear Diary, Is it Summer?

May 13, 2019
2 min. read

Dear Diary,

Is it summer yet?

Is it time for road trips and adventures…sunscreen and sandy toes…salt water taffy, carnival food, and burgers on the grill?

Because I’m ready.

Winter was fun for a short while. And Spring’s been nice and all…but I’m ready for those sunny Summer days and starry nights. I’m ready for cookouts and campfires. I’m ready for boat rides, water skiing, and cannonballs. I’m ready for getaways and quality family time that never seems to last quite long enough.

I can already visualize the many scenes of summer…

An extended weekend at our favorite beach. The kids, building sandcastles, boogie-boarding, and collecting seashells along the shoreline. The adults, relaxing to the melody of the crashing waves, breathing in the salty ocean air, soaking in some sun rays.

A cross-country road trip with friends as we explore new towns, collecting souvenirs—and memories—every step of the way.

The annual camping outing complete with woodsy hikes, creek explorations, fishing, boating, s’mores, and mountain pies.

A day trip to the state fair. Or the nearby amusement park. Or the local zoo. Or anywhere, really.

I long for summer nights and weekends in the comfort of my own backyard. Grilling food out on the back patio. Catching up with friends and neighbors as the children’s laughter echoes in the distance. I long for casual walks and bike rides…lawn games and picnics in the park…that idyllic moment just as the sun goes down and the stars come out.

I can’t wait for baseball games or music festivals or family reunions or neighborhood block parties. I can’t wait for juicy-ripe tomatoes and peaches and corn from the farmer’s market or freshly picked strawberries from the local orchard.

I’m excited for “shorts and flip-flops” weather and driving with the sunroof open and the windows down. And for hydrangeas in full bloom. And for laying in hammocks. And swimming in the local pool. I’m excited for barbecue chicken and macaroni salad, refreshing iced tea and lemonade, chargrilled burgers and hot dogs on Martin’s buns.

I’m so excited…

I just wish it were summer already.


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