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Date Night Debate: Stay In or Go Out?

February 17, 2020
8 min. read

Picture this: it’s Friday night, you have just completed a typical work week, and you’re looking forward to date night with your significant other. Which do you choose: A) get dressed up and spend the night out on the town, or B) stay home and enjoy a casual evening indoors?

Did the answer come to you effortlessly? Or does your choice depend on which kind of week you’ve had? Either way—we have some great date night inspiration for you regardless of which side you chose.


Idea #1: Dinner and a Movie

Ah, there’s nothing like the classic date pairing of a delicious meal with some great entertainment. Whatever your night looks like, there’s a perfect option just for you.

A)  Go Out

Stick with tradition and head over to your favorite movie theater to catch up on the latest release; afterwards, check in to trendy new restaurant you’ve been dying to try. OR—take your date up a notch with a special outing to a live show such as a theatrical performance or an interactive dinner theater!

B) Stay Home

For a low-key version of the above, why not stay in the comfort of your own home and rent a movie you missed seeing in theaters? Browse through your TV provider’s or streaming service’s on-demand options, or look back through your own DVDs, blu-rays or home movies you forgot you had.

For the dinner part of your date, consider an easy option such as take-out, catering, or delivery to stick with your effort-free evening, or make an experience out of it by utilizing a meal kit delivery service or hiring a personal chef to cook for you at home.

Check out these snack options perfectly fitting for your Movie Night!


Idea #2: Game Night

How about a little friendly competition? There’s a few different avenues this theme can take: either sports-related or one-on-one/team gaming.

A) Go Out

Is your favorite sports team playing this weekend? Turn the occasion into a date night opportunity by watching the game together at a local sports bar or public spot—or better yet, attending the live sporting event in person! Otherwise, why not put yourselves into the game? Join a rec sports team or pick up a game at a local park or court.

If sports aren’t your thing, get together with some friends at a neighborhood arcade or bowling alley or join up for trivia night at a local spot! If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, team up with others for an “escape room” experience or join in a game of laser tag!

B) Stay Home

If you can’t bring yourself to the game, bring the game home to you! Host your own sports night with back-to-back games on TV or plan an evening filled with board games, cards, puzzles, strategy games and more! Need more players? Make it a double date and invite some friends over to join in the fun!

These Checkerboard Finger Sandwiches are just the thing to accompany your evening of games!


Idea #3: Craft Night

How about joining your talents by crafting something together as a couple? By finding an artsy activity to do together, you not only get the fun experience of building something new, but you also get to keep your finished product as a new decoration for your home!

A) Go Out

There are plenty of arts and crafts activities to do away from home. Find a place in town that offers paint-your-own pottery or canvas, art classes, or glass blowing lessons. (Looking for something less hands-on? Take a trip to a nearby art gallery or museum and spend the evening as spectators and amateur art critics.)

B) Stay Home

Arts and crafts night is easily achievable at home! Make preparations ahead of time or dig around the house for art supplies, then spend time painting or building something together. Paint a canvas, pottery, or a wall mural, build a 3D model, or complete a DIY project you’ve been wanting to do. Here’s a unique relationship-building idea: take turns learning each other’s favorite hobby such as sketching or woodworking.

Another (edible) craft idea? Make food art! Check out some inspiration at the links below.


Idea #4: Music Night

His and Hers Wedding Sliders

Music, like good food, has a reputation for bringing people closer together with its mood-inducing tendencies. So what better date night than listening to your favorite songs—whether nostalgic or brand-new, at home or live in person?

A) Go Out

Is there a favorite artist you and your spouse have been longing to see live in concert? Book tickets for a local venue if they’re currently on tour! Or—look for an orchestra or live band performance if instrumental music is more your taste. Another (inexpensive) idea is to head to a hometown restaurant that offers live music; this a great way to support local up-and-coming artists! (Maybe you can even try your hand at karaoke!)

B) Stay Home

You don’t need to go out to listen to great music! Dig through your old records (or casettes, CDs, or MP3s, depending on your age) and reminisce about the past. Use your favorite streaming service or digital music provider to build a playlist of songs that carry some significance in your life. For example, maybe you want to revisit your wedding night by listening to your “first dance” song or music from various phases of your story so far.

Pair your “us” playlist with the above His & Hers Sliders from our recent wedding blog!


Idea #5: Food Night/Cooking Class

Charcuterie Board #4 - with Martin's Potato Bread

Whether you’re a great chef or a kitchen novice, cooking a meal together requires teamwork! Pair up with your partner and cook a gourmet meal together, from beginning to end. We guarantee the end result will taste even better after seeing your hard work pay off!

A) Go Out

Find a chef or instructor offering a recreational cooking class in your area. Typically, you will join a handful of other “students” and learn how to prepare multiple courses to complete a full meal. This is a fun and unique way to learn new techniques (and enjoy great food)!

Another idea is to research local farms, vineyards, or restaurants in your town and see if any offer or participate in culinary tasting tours.

B) Stay Home

Enhance your cooking skills without ever leaving home. You can hire a personal chef to provide you with private cooking lessons in your own kitchen, or utilize a meal kit delivery service (several of which use Martin’s Potato Rolls). They send all the ingredients you’ll need for your meal, along with a handy printout of the step-by-step instructions, right to your door! There are also a number of digital media options (such as Food Network’s Kitchen app) that offer cooking classes on-demand.

While you’re prepping your dishes, or waiting for your main course to finish cooking, enjoy experimenting with unique meat, cheese, and jam pairings with your own handcrafted charcuterie board!


Idea #6: Adventure Night

Pick an activity or experience you’ve never done before and go on a new adventure together! Perhaps there’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to travel or a “bucket list” item you’ve always dreamt about?

A) Go Out

Go on your adventure! Plan a day trip or weekend mini-vacation and travel to somewhere new. You’ll have a blast doing sightseeing, trying fun activities, enjoying great food, and making new memories!

B) Stay Home

Maybe your adventure requires more preparation? Spend this date night planning your dream vacation together—map out the sights you hope to see, the places you’d like to visit, and all the delicious food you can’t wait to try. Afterwards, enjoy a nice “staycation” at home whether you’re backyard camping or snuggled up indoors with a good book or movie.

Need some on-the-go eats for your day trip outing? Try these Customizable Party Roll Sliders.


Idea #7: Story Night

Fantasy Toast: Galaxy Toast

Who doesn’t love a good story? Go on a different type of adventure by getting lost in a good book together with your loved one.

A) Go Out

Look for fun literary themed outings such as a live book reading by your favorite author, an open mic night at a local venue to hear some poetry or spoken word, or a public speaking engagement by a spokesperson you admire.

B) Stay Home

Cozy up at home with a warm blanket and read aloud from your favorite book together—or write your own story if you wish! This is also a fun activity to do with the whole family, including kids. You can take turns reading from a book, recounting childhood memories, or coming up with new tales of your own.

Extend the story time theme to your late night snack options too by decorating your own custom fairytale toasts like the ones in our Colorful Food Party blog.


Idea #8: Gym Night

Strawberry Turkey Sandwich

For the fitness power couples out there, you might enjoy a muscle-building, adrenaline-rushing evening spent working out with your significant other. If you typically work out alone, it can be a fun change of pace to team up and try a routine together.

A) Go Out

Head over to your favorite local gym and take turns trying each other’s go-to workout routines or practicing new workouts together. Another fun idea is to try out a group fitness class together, possibly for a type of training you’ve never tried before.

If this all sounds like the opposite of fun to you, consider going on a hike, or trying an alternative fitness activity that you’ve been curious about, such as kickboxing, indoor rock climbing, or aerial yoga. You’re sure to have a blast (and maybe a few laughs) as you try to get the hang of it.

B) Stay Home

Try a variation of the above using your home gym or whatever equipment you have lying around the house (or stick to bodyweight exercises). Take turns trying different “couples workouts” or trying an online workout routine together. Or—you can stay close to home and go on a run, walk, or bike ride together around the neighborhood.

Need an energy refill after your workout? Check out the healthy protein-packed recipes on our website.


Which date night idea sounds best to you?

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