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Stick Bread

10 Mins
Butter Bread
Made With
Butter Bread


1 Loaf Butter Bread (14 Slices)

1/2 Cup Milk

1 Can Prepared Fruit Pie Filling, such as Blueberry or Cherry

4 Single Serve Vanilla Pudding Cups

1 Stick Butter, melted

Serves: 4-6


Step 1

Prepare a campfire.

Step 2

For the stick, we suggest using a wooden rod or dowel such as the end of a broom handle. To prepare the stick for cooking: clean the wooden handle and sanitize the end in the fire or using food-safe wipes.

Step 3

Butter the end of the stick (about the length of a single bread slice).

Step 4

Flatten each bread slice slightly by gently pressing between hands. Pour the milk into a shallow dish and dip just the edges of the bread into the milk to moisten slightly.

Step 5

Shape 1 slice of bread around the prepared stick, compressing gently to adhere. Shape a second slice of bread around the stick from the opposite side to cover the seam and form a “pocket.” Be sure to overlap the top of the stick with both slices of bread so the “pocket” is sealed.

Step 6

Brush the outside of the bread with melted butter using a basting brush.

Step 7

Toast the stick bread over the campfire until golden brown and crispy.

Step 8

Remove the bread pockets from the stick/handle. Fill each stick bread pocket with vanilla pudding and fruit pie filling.

Step 9

Serve as handheld desserts as you would an ice cream cone or hand pie. Enjoy!