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Rosemary-Thyme Dinner Roll Glaze

15 Mins


24 Martin’s Dinner Potato Rolls (2 Packs)

1 Stick Unsalted Butter (1/2 Cup)

1 Tablespoon Fresh Thyme, chopped

1 Tablespoon Fresh Rosemary, chopped

Salt and Pepper, to taste

Serves: 24


Step 1

In a small saucepan, heat the butter, herbs, and seasonings over medium heat until fragrant and butter is melted and slightly thickened.

Step 2

Remove from heat and brush over Martin’s Dinner Potato Rolls, arranged on a prepared baking sheet.

Step 3

Bake rolls for 3-4 minutes to allow glaze to set.

Step 4

Serve warm.

Alternative Recipe – Compound Butter:

Using softened butter instead of melted butter, mix in the herbs and seasonings. Transfer to plastic wrap or parchment paper and shape the butter into a log, sealing the ends by twisting. Chill in refrigerator until firm, at least an hour. (Butter will keep in the refrigerator for about two weeks, and in the freezer for a few months). Compound butter can be used as a spread with a knife (as you would use regular butter), or melted over top of warmed dishes like meats or dinner rolls.