5 Locations with Martin's Products - (1.9 Miles)
5 Locations with Martin's Products - (1.9 Miles)
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Breakfast Grilled Cheese with Chorizo and Gourmet Bacon Jam

30 Mins Total Serves 2
Cup Frozen Tater Tots
Pound Ground Chorizo Sausage
Tablespoons TBJ Gourmet Uncured Bacon Jam – Black Peppercorn or Sweet Chili variety
Cup Colby Jack Cheese, shredded
Tablespoons Butter, room temperature
Slices Martin’s Potato Bread
  1. Bake tater tots according to package instructions. Remove from oven and press down on the tater tots with a cooking utensil to flatten them. Set aside.

  2. Meanwhile, cook the ground chorizo in a small skillet over medium heat, breaking apart into small pieces. Cook until browned and cooked through. Drain grease and transfer to paper towel-lined plate or bowl.

  3. Butter one side of each slice of Potato Bread. Place buttered sides down on a cutting board and spread Bacon Jam onto the other side of each slice. Onto two of the slices, sprinkle ¼ cup of shredded cheese followed by the smashed tater tots, cooked chorizo, and remaining cheese. Top with the two remaining slices of bread, Bacon Jam side down.

  4. Heat a clean skillet to medium heat and grill sandwiches, in batches if necessary, until cheese is melted and both sides are browned, about 4-5 minutes total.

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