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3 Easy Breakfast Sandwiches for Busy Moms

15 Mins


For Simple Egg Salad Sandwich:

4 Martin’s Sandwich Potato Rolls

6 Eggs

1/4 - 1/2 Cup Mayonnaise

1 Teaspoon Yellow Mustard

Salt, Pepper, Onion Powder, to taste

For Bacon, and Cheese Sandwich:

4 Martin’s Sandwich Potato Rolls

8 Eggs

4-8 Slices of Bacon

4 Slices American Cheese

1 Teaspoon Cream Cheese (softened)

Salt and Pepper, to taste

For Chicken Breakfast Sandwich:

4 Martin’s Sandwich Potato Rolls

8-12 Frozen Chicken Tenders (2-3 per roll)

4 Slices of American, Swiss or Provolone Cheese

4 Eggs (optional)

Serves: 12


Step 1

Simple Egg Salad Sandwich

Boil eggs until fully cooked through. Peel and mash the cooked egg into a bowl. Mix in all other ingredients. Place mixture onto toasted (on non-toasted) potato rolls.

Step 2

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich:

Prepare bacon in a large frying pan, set aside. Mix eggs with remaining ingredients into a large bowl. Scramble over medium heat to desired consistency. Layer eggs and bacon onto potato rolls.

Step 3

Chicken Breakfast Sandwich (With or without egg)

Prepare chicken tenders according to package. Layer cooked chicken, 1 fried egg (optional), and 1 slice of cheese onto potato roll


You can even prepare some of the ingredients ahead of time or shop for items that allow you to quickly prepare easy breakfast sandwiches. You can keep these on hand and all you have to do is split them open and add your ingredients. One thing you’ll love about the Martin’s Potato Rolls is the fact that they’ll stay fresh for several days after you buy them and will still taste great if you choose to keep them in the refrigerator instead. This allows you to get out what you need and quickly prepare them as needed.

Sure, getting into your back-to-school routine can be challenging, but giving your family a wholesome on-the-go breakfast doesn’t have to be.

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