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Work/Life Balance

October 12, 2015
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Studies show that Americans spend almost 30% of their entire week at work, with many working more than the traditional 40 hours per week. With this much time spent working, it’s important for us to both love our jobs and make sure we balance our work and home life proportionately!

Finding the proper balance can sometimes be hard, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You should enjoy going to work each day and interacting with your fellow coworkers
  • You should be excited and proud of the work you do
  • It is important for your spouse/family to see the value in your job and appreciate your role at work
  • It is good to set aside time each day to spend at home or participating in family activities

Martin’s is a family-owned and family-oriented company which recognizes the importance of relationships in our employees’ lives. One of our key company philosophies is for our employees to “thrive emotionally”.  Benefits and programs are offered to help employees to “thrive emotionally” such as paid time off, pastoral care, wellness programs as well as events and activities to help build a positive employee culture.

A great example of this dedication to work/life balance is Martin’s recent 2015 Family Picnic! At both of our corporate locations (Chambersburg, PA and Valdosta, GA), we held an exciting event for our employees and their families where they could connect with others in their workplace community and give family members an opportunity to experience Martin’s so they understand and appreciate the work of our employees. The picnic (which is more like a festival) hosted various activities and events including games, prizes, food, and entertainment!  It was fantastic way to get to know co-workers better and meet family members.

Check out the below pictures from Martin’s 2015 Family Picnic!

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