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Throwback Thursday – Myrtle Beach, SC; Nov. 2013

May 28, 2015
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This week on Martin’s All-American Road Trip, we headed down to Myrtle Beach/Hilton Head, South Carolina. Back in November 2013, Martin’s Potato Rolls went to this area too…for the first time!


The picture above is actually the shopping cart of our first customer in a Lowes Foods Store in Myrtle Beach in November 2013. The customer was so excited about seeing Martin’s products that she quickly grabbed several packs, thinking they may be gone later. Our sales manager assured her that we would be there from now on and asked her to tell her neighbors that Martin’s Potato Rolls were in town!!

Meanwhile, back in Chambersburg, at Martin’s bakery in 2013…

After much recipe-tweaking and taste-testing, which had lasted for more than a year, we decided to offer our customers a new product! Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Potato Bread was launched to stores in the Northeast on April 3, 2013. If you haven’t had this product yet, check it out! It tastes great and is fresh and moist straight out of the bag, but it also makes great French toast and bread pudding! Also in 2013…. We held the grand opening of The Golden Roll: Martin’s Visitor Center! On June 1, we welcomed over 400 people for the grand opening event! Since then, we’ve been blessed to have many hundreds more visit us to hear our story and see the original garage-turned-bakery where co-founders, Lloyd and Lois Martin, first began baking Martin’s Potato Rolls.


The Visitor Center is free and is open to visitors by appointment. If you’d like to schedule a tour, please call us at: 1-717-263-9580 or 1-800-548-1200.


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