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Throwback Thursday – D.C.; 1988

May 14, 2015
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The second stop on “Martin’s All-American Road Trip” is Washington, DC!  The pictures below are from a Martin Family trip to DC in June of 1988. Our family has always valued the experience of seeing the world, meeting new people, and learning new things to broaden our horizons. Since Chambersburg is only about an hour and a half from the nation’s capital, Washington, DC, naturally it was a favorite Sunday-afternoon-type destination. We often packed a picnic lunch and went to the National Zoo to see the animals, or, as in the picture below, to visit our nation’s museums, monuments, etc.

In the pictures you can see Joe Martin (VP of Bakery Operations), Jim Martin (President), Jackie Martin (Director of Sales and Marketing), and Donna Martin waiting for the metro; Jackie, Donna, and Joe in front of the Capitol Building; and Jim and Joe in front of the Smithsonian Castle.

Meanwhile, back in Chambersburg, at Martin’s bakery in 1988…
Production operations were in full swing at our headquarters bakery in Chambersburg! The Martin’s Family Restaurant had closed the year before, in early 1987, and that allowed us to really focus in on what we do best: Bake Martin’s Potato Rolls and Bread! Around that time we also purchased a building and property that was adjacent to ours (the former Bethel Academy) and we turned it into an office building. In 1988, we also built a large addition onto the bakery in order to keep up with the demand for our potato rolls! It was a busy time, that’s for sure!


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